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I received my M.D. and my PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While in Israel I developed a 'specialty' for couple therapy along with the human nature of sexual desires. 


When one talks about fetishes especially role-play, generally it is met with a stigma of being unnatural. When it comes to being unnatural this is a falsehood. Everyone on earth that is sexually active has certain 'turn-ons'. Things that drive us to psychologically and physically become aroused. This is completely natural, and roleplaying is another natural turn on for us. 


When it comes to roleplaying it opens up a gateway to many things, one is it allows us to become someone else. We get to step out of the norms and allow us to be someone we either desire or the other person that we are having sexual relations with desires. Superhero role-play and it's fetish is just an offspring of desires that have many factors. For many of us it's the spandex or costume, for others its the story line of the hero either saving someone or being trapped by a villain and the hero being forced to give into those desires that they do not normally talk about. 


When it comes to Role-play there are going to be questions and hopefully we can answer them here. There is no wrong question or anything to be embarrassed about. If you are visiting this website feel welcome, and also be courageous enough to ask questions about the diverse sexual universe you are entering. 




February 28, 2015







Dr. X


I am a heroine that needs your help! For safety reasons I will not reveal my name nor my alter-ego, until such time as it is needed.


My problem is this.....I'm torn between 2 desires......the desire to do good and help out the city I live in and defend....but I also have a desire to be bound and placed in dire peril!!


Dr this normal? Should I retire......I am so confused!!!!


Please help,


a conflicted heroine





Dear conflicted heroine, 

When I did couples therapy I heard a lot of sexual turn on's. The first question I was always asked was 'is this normal?'. Now honestly I hate the term normal, it gives people a connotation that if they do not go by societies definition of 'normal' then they must have something wrong with them. But for sake of discussion let's discuss certain aspects of your turn on. 

Is what you feel 'normal'? Yes it is, at least normal for you and many others. For people generally we are in control with most if not all aspects of our lives, but in most people there is a desire to let go, not be in control for a while, to be surprised. When this happens certain hormones are released giving us a pleasurable feeling. There is usually a stopping point and generally we are able to stop it from going to far. We all have a dominating and submissive side to our personality. What you are experiencing is a typical human behavior. Should you quit? No as long as you are able to stop things before they inflict permanent bodily harm. Keep up the good fight confused. 

Doc X 







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February 28, 2015