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This story contains references to Batman and Robin which are the sole 
property of DC comics. This story is for adult entertainment only and 
no copy right infringement is intended. 

It had been a long night of crime fighting for the Dynamic Duo. 
Batman and Robin were exhausted by the time they reached the Batcave. 
Batman and Robing had just defeated the Joker and his goons. Batman 
told Robin "Robin unsuit for the night and get some sleep". "Gee, 
Batman, I am so tired from all this crime fighting". "I know old 
chum, but we owe it to Gotham City" responded Batman. Batman went to 
the room where his Batman costumes were stored while Robin went to 
his special rooom. Batman and Robin had just recently went to the 
rubberized suits which replaced their old lycra spandex ones. Batman 
preferred the new suits because it made him appear more meanacing 
than the old ones. Robin liked the old ones because of the way the 
lycra clung to his cock and reacted to every move his muscles made. 
He aslo liked it because he could see Batman's big cock. Unkown to 
our heroes was the fact that one of Joker's men had placed a device 
undetected on Robin's utility belt. Batman asked Robin to meet him in 
his secret chamber in the Bat Cave. Batman was longing to relieve his 
hard cock in the Boy Wonder's tight ass. Every since Robin became a 
man, Batman enjoyed these special moments. Batman was gentle and 
showed how much he loved his young partner. Batman pumped his 8" rock 
hard cock into his partner while licking his ear. When Batman was 
done, Robin then got to lick Batman's cock dry. The taste of Batman's 
cum would send Robin into outer space. The two would then collapse 
into each others loving arms. Batman loved his role of being in 
control and on top while Robin was satisified with being the bottom 
bird. Batman sporting a blue thong and Robin a green one were soon 
fast asleep. Batman was awakened by the smoke alarm in the Bat Cave. 
He quickly ran to where the smoke was coming from. It was Robin's 
costume room. It appeared all of Robin's costumes had been melted. 
Batman quickly extinquished the fire and the Bat computer sucked the 
smoke out of the Bat Cave. Suddenly, the bat phone rang. It was 
Commionser Gordon. It appeared trouble was brewing on the east side 
as well as the west side of Gotham. Batman said "We are on it 
Commissoner". Batman quickly suited up and woke up Robin. Batman 
threw Robin his old spandex costume and said "suit up". "Batman, what 
happened to my new costume?"asked Robin. "No time to explain old 
chum. We have to get to Gotham. I am going to the westside and you 
are going to the eastside. There appears to be a disturbance down by 
the old industrial park and the pier. I need you to check out the 
industrial park and I will check out the pier. Robin quickly put on 
his old spandex costume. He loved the way it clinged to his body. He 
then placed his mask on and they were off. 

Batman raced to West Gotham while Robin raced to East Gotham. Robin 
came to an old abandon warehouse and was on guard preparing for a 
trap. He quietly entered the building through a second story window. 
As he stepped from the window ledge, he began to fall downward in 
some sort of plastic tube. He noticed a fine mist spray coming from 
the tube and then everything went blank. When Robin awoke, he was in 
a clear rectangular box. He was glad to see his costume still entact 
along with his mask. His feet were held to a table as were his his 
arms. Both of his hands were squarely over his cock and he could only 
move them over his crotch area. His neck was also fastened to the 
table. Looking up was a monitor that he was forced to to watch. "Good 
evening Boy Blunder. I see that my little device worked tonight or 
why else would you be wearing your old costume?" asked the mystery 
man. "Who are you?" asked Robin. "I am an old enemy who is going to 
destroy you and Batman. I am the one who has been ridiculed by all of 
Gotham because of you and Batman. And the time has come for you to 
pay". With that said, Fast Eddie appears on the screen. Robin thought 
it was a joke. Fast Eddie weighed about three hundred pounds and 
owned a car dealership. He used to dress up as Robin and Batman for 
his comercials. All of Gotham called him "Fatman". Batman and Robin 
let him use their personas because they felt responsible for what 
happened to him five years earlier. "Now big blunder you will pay for 
all of my suffering" shouted Fast Eddie. "But" was all Robin could 
get out before an arm sprayed some form of liquid in Robin's mouth. 
He could not speak anymore. "Now that I have your attetntion, let me 
tell you of my plan. The special box you are in will begin to spray a 
fine mist which will make you extremely horny. You will be forced to 
cum until I stop it and by my calculations that will be 54 times. 
Robin could do nothing. The mist will be soaked up bu your costume 
and will compel you to start masturbating. And for your 
entertainment, I have created a video of the 54 hottest guys in 
Gotham. From the Gotham High School swim team, wrestling team, 
football team, etc. I know all about your lycra spandex fetish. With 
that said, Robin was forced to watch the video. Like on cue, his 
hands began to massage his cock till it was rock hard. He could not 
control his hands. The first video clip was of Sparky Anderson. He 
was an All American on the swim team and had a body that would not 
quit. Sparky slowly slid his speedo down his legs and twirled it on 
his finger then he began to masturbate. Almost in unision Robin and 
Sparky's hand were going until they both climaxed at the exact same 
time. Robin was embarassed at having no control over his body and 
feeling his hot man juices oozing from his costume. Half way through 
his torture, Robin was getting exhausted. He noticed his costume was 
expanding. The more the process went on the bigger his costume 
became. Finally after the 53rd guy on the video the montiored 
stopped. Fast Eddie came on the screen and said "I thought it would 
be appropriate for your mentor to send you over the top and to your 
ultimate doom". The montior then came back on and there was Batman or 
least it looked like him. Robin was delirious after 53 shots and 
could not tell. Batman slowlt did a striptease while Robin's hands 
were working in unision with his mentor. Robin shot his last laod at 
the exact same time as Batman. Then everything went blank......


Fast Eddie marveled at the Boy wonder and his stamina. He quickly 
went to the room and opened the lid to the box. There he found 
Robin's costume soaked with his sweat, cum, and the secret mixture of 
his special chemicals. The cosrume was 5 times to big for Robin now. 
Fast Eddie quickly removed the costume and put it on. It was a 
perfect fit or was it? He then punched the Boy Blunder in the face to 
wake him up. Robin slowly awoke to find the horror that confronted 
him. There stood Fast Eddie in his costume while he was wearing Fast 
Eddie's old costume. Fast Eddie's old costume was 5 times his size. 
The costume consisted of green tights, yellow speedos, yellow boots, 
a utility belt, green shirt with a yellow cape. The shirt had a FE on 
the front for Fast Eddie. Robin thought how ridiculous he looked the 
color scheme was bad enough, but what about the size. "Check this out 
Boy Blunder' Oh yea, I will need this as he took the mask from the 
Boy Wonder's face. He replaced it with his old yellow mask. The Boy 
Wonder watched as Fast Eddie slowly placed his mask on. It happened 
almost instantly. Robin's old spandex costume began to shrink back to 
Robin's original form. Fast Eddie was quickly becoming the new Boy 
Wonder. "What do you think of me now Boy Blunder" asked Fast Eddie. I 
have not forgot about you Robin" said Eddie. Eddie took some sleeping 
gas from Robin's utility belt that was now aroud his slender waist 
and gave it to the former hero. When Robin awoke he found himself in 
Fast Eddie's old costume and he now had Fast Eddie's body as well.The 
former hero now weighed over 300 pounds and he had every detail of 
Fast Eddie down to even his face. Only Robin's intellect was intact 
in his new body. "Look at me now Boy Blunder or NO I guess I should 
say Fast Eddie'. I had one of Joker's men place a device on your 
utility belt that would melt your new rubber costumes. I needed you 
in your spandex costume for my plan to work. Now, you will see what 
it is like to be me and I will use your persona to defeat Batman. 
What greater way to destroy your arch enemy then by doing it through 
his one trusted friend. I have big plans for the caped dodo head, but 
first I must tend to you. Here let me help you up Fast Eddie. The new 
Robin picks up Fast Eddie by the balls and carries him to a special 
room. Fast Eddie screams as the new Robin laughs at the predicament 
the former superhero is in. He quickly throws the former hero in a 
lounge chair. The former Robin can not believe the lack of energy he 
has. The new Robin pulls out a needle from his utility belt and 
injects it into the former hero. The former Robin slowly passes 
out. "Listen up, Boy Blunder, I know you can hear me" This injection 
is of my own creation, it will make you lazy. You will have the 
desire to only eat and watch TV for the next 48 hours. You will also 
have the desire to masturbate every time you see Batman on the TV. 
This is no ordinary TV, you will be priviledged to watch me slowly 
destroy Batman as you. While you sit on your fat ass and do nothing 
to help. With that said the new Boy Wonder slaps the former hero on 
the face and he starts eating chips and watching the snowy TV screen. 
As Fast Eddie leaves in his new body he says "Oh yea Boy Blunder 
Thanks for the new me and please by all means enjoy the show". 

Meanwhile, Robin catches up with Batman at the fish factory. Batman 
is fighting off 10 men. Batman does not know his partner is there. 
This is just a gang of street thugs that Fast Eddie paid to keep 
Batman busy. Robin decided to give his gang a hand. He quickly throws 
a capsule from his utility belt in front of Batman, which turns the 
floor to ice. Batman slides on the ice and looses his balance as he 
hits his head on a wooden fish crate. He is not knocked out, but only 
dazed. Robin watches with pleasure as his gang pounds the crap out of 
Batman. Batman slowly fades to blackness.................


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