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  LENGHT: 24 min.

The Boywonder discovers Riddler's lair and falls into his trap. Robin mummified and brainwashed. Without being able to move even a muscle, our hero will face his deepest fear and his erotic fantasies. Horror or excitement? A diabolical trap that will really risk driving the Boywonder crazy.


The BOYWONDER on the trail of a fearsome new villain: The Kidnapper. Will Robin resist the chloroform of his sadistic enemy? A new adventure for the young masked crouser. You can watch a cut scene of this movie for free in the free video list .. but it's just a little taste of what's waiting for you. Are you ready to be kidnapped?




  LENGHT: 32 min.

In his luxurious mansion in the Metropolis countryside, the young Lex Luthor is ready to blow up a bomb that will kill thousands of innocent people. Superman is ready to fight his archenemy to find the bomb detonator but a nasty surprise awaits him. It's a trap! Lex Luthor wants to turn Superman into his rubber slave. Classic and modern come together for an adventure full of action and eroticism. The synthesis of the Superhero Fetish enclosed in this short movie that will leave you breathless.


  LENGHT: 28 min.


Spiderman will once again face his symbiose: Black Spiderman. The second chapter of this adventure that sees our hero face an even stronger and more ruthless enemy. New traps and new humiliations. A villain more insane and perverse for spiderman who will have to fight with all his strength to free himself from the dark spider web that imprisons him. Spiderman locked in a cage. Locked up with no way out, especially if the cage is in your mind.



  LENGHT: 15 min.


Part 1

Joker has escaped from jail and is archetyping his revenge. The Boywonder arrives in the Lair of the prince of crime and will fall into his trap. The law of the Joker is now in force. All crimes will be severely punished according to its rules. But what crimes has Robin ever been able to commit ??? Will he really be the Joker prisoner? Don't miss the first part of this adventure, surreal and grotesque. Eroticism, humiliation and lots of laughter await you in this first part of The Joker's Law.

  LENGHT: 27 min.


Part 2

The judgment day has arrived. The Boywonder, caught in the Joker's clutches, is ready to be tried for his crimes. What will be the final judgment? Joker law is strict. Guilty or innocent? what will be the penalty? Don't miss the second part of this amazing adventure. Robin in peril.. again!

METALLO Episode 1

  LENGHT: 14 min.

METALLO Episode 2

  LENGHT: 33 min.

Superman is ready to face one of his worst enemies: METALLO. A crest of Kryptonite is embedded in his chest, but Superman wears a special suit against the radiation of his lethal green stone. A new adventure divided into 2 episodes. A real battle with no holds barred, but if you want to see the Superman's cock, you will have to wait for the second episode. Are you ready to see how steel can break?
This is Metallo - Episode 1 by Superhero Factory

Superman has been captured! Chained and helpless in the hands of his bitter enemy: Metal! The second part of this adventure where passion and struggle intertwine in an epic video where our favorite superhero will have to find the strength in himself to defeat evil suffering suffering and humiliation. 33 minutes of pure entertainment for true fans of the genre.

This is Metallo - Episode 2 by Superhero Factory

  LENGHT: 19 min.

  LENGHT: 10 min.


Spiderman wakes up inside a locked cage. His powers seem not to work. There is no way out for him while the hands of his symbiote Black Spiderman are abusing him.


  LENGHT: 22 min.

Conner Kent seems to be lost in the woods when suddenly he is attacked by a thief. To make fun the young man shows his costume and his identity as Superboy. The robber seems to surrender but suddenly shows something to the young hero .. a mysterious green rock: It's a TRAP!
Suffering, struggling and humiliation in an adventure only for real Superman lovers.       



  LENGHT: 14 min.

Robin wakes up caught in a pool wrapped in the dough of pizza. Holy humiliating trap! The temperature increases and Robin can only struggle like a crazy. Can he escape? Robin will find that the foam that covers her body has the ability to make him extremely horny .. is this really the end to the Boywonder?                        

  LENGHT: 14 min.


Another puzzle, another trap. Robin caught in the pit of his fierce enemy, Riddler. Tied up, humiliated and unmasked .. Will Robin escape from the clutches of his kidnapper?  


  LENGHT: 9 min.


A bomb in an apartment? oh no !! It 'another trap for Robin. The superhero is once again in the hands of the Riddler who wants at all costs to unmask him. WARNING: This is an erotic video without any explicit sexual content. Video quality purposely not quite excellent.                                  

Robin has been captured and wakes up tied in a terrible trap! Robin struggles to free himself and is humiliated by The Riddler who enjoys watching Robin's futile attempts to escape his trap! WARNING: This video contains no nudity nor sexual content does not contain sexually explicit depictions of violence or bloodshed. This video has only aim to entertain and amuse.                            

  LENGHT: 7 min.