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Part 1

Batman's Valentine's Day

This story is a work of Adult fiction and it might contain references to the Flash, Barry Allen, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Nightwing, Robin, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, Clark Kent, Superman, Scarecrow, Superfriends, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman. These characters are the property of DC. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy. 


It as another brisk wintery night in Gotham City. The day was February 13 at 10:30PM, Batman was hot on the trail of the villain who had kidnapped Robin the Boy Wonder. The clues left behind pointed to the old abandonded candy factory that has been deserted since the great recession. Batman entered the building with minutes to spare. The message left behind at one of the crime scences said to be at the candy factory by 11:58PM. Batman thought this was odd, but he would do anything to save the Boy Wonder.  Batman decided since he knew this was already a trap that he might as well use the front door, but he would still have his defenses up. Batman noticed a sign that said follow the rose petals on the floor to meet your fate. Batman noticed the red rose petals that were methodically aligned on the floor. As Batman winded through the old factory following the rose petals, he came upon a massive room which he noticed had a gold high back chair in the center of the room. Behind the chair was a massive theater screen that was not lit up. Batman followed the petals until they stopped, which was 5 feet from the chair. Batman said "I am here you vile villian what have you done with Robin?" The time was now 12:00 AM or Valentine's Day!


"Happy Valentine's Day Batman, darling" said the woman's voice. Batman recoginzed the voice immediately and said "Catwoman, I should have known it was you. You evil hussy!! What have you done with the boywonder?"  "Batman, I think you should be more concerned about yourself darling". Batman watched as Catwoman's hench men had him surrounded. "Now Batman, If you ever want to see your precious Robin again, I suggest you listen to me and listen good" said Catwoman. "If you hurt" was all Batman got out before Catwoman interrupted him and said "Batman, if you interrupt me again the Boy Wonder is a goner. Shake your head if you understand" instructed Catwoman. Catwoman watched as Batman shook his head. "Good now where was I? " asked Catwoman."Oh yes, you know Batman, today is Valentine's Day and here you are with a drop dead courageous woman and you bring me nothing not candy, flowers, or even a card. I finally came to the realization that the problem is not me, but it is you. I have come to realize that you are not into woman, which explains why you constantly have turned down my offers to join me. You would rather be with your precious Robin, so I have decided to help you out and make you find yourself. Now Batman behind that divider you will find a costume and you will put it on. Do you understand Batman?" asked Catwoman. Batman had no choice but to do what was said as he walked behind the divider.  Batman looked at the costume and said "No way in Hell Catwoman". Catwoman laughed and said as she turned on the monitor showing Robin being lowered into a big vat of boiling chocolate. "Robin, old chum,What has she done to you?" asked Batman. "He can't hear you, fool". "Now put on the costume in front of you. Batman couldnot believe that this was happening. He slowly took off his old costume and put on the new one. Batman threw his old costume over the divider as he was puttingon the new one. Batman noticed that the costume was a size smaller than he wore and his tights seemed to be massaging his rock hard cock. Batman noticed the costume had no utility belt, so he thought he would be his own utlity belt on without Catwoman noticing. When Batman came out from behind the divider, Catwoman and her men started laughing. Batman's face was eight shades of red and matched a portion of his costume. Batman was now sporting a costume of pink tights, red trunks, red boots, and a red kowl. His Batman logo gone replaced with a cock and balls insignia. "Why darling you look so hot, but one think is missing" said Catwoman. Catwoman walked over to Batman and pulled his real utility belt rom the loops.She then grabbed an exact replica from the table near by.The fake utility belt was soon replacing the orginal belt and was fastened in place. "Now my darling, you will notice your new utility belt is filled with everything you will need today to have a Valentine's Day,you will never forget. Each compartment is filled with items for you to a have the most exotic sexual night of your life. You will find condoms, lube, butt plug, vibrator, and every thing your gay heart could ever desire." said the Catwoman. Catwoman walks up to Batman and stuffs a paper down the front of his trunks. As she was doing so, Batman felt a prick in his ass. "What was that?" asked Batman. "Batman that was the strongest viagra available with a little something extra" laughed the Catwoman. Batsy, you will be rock hard for the next 24 hours and the little extra something will make you extra horny" said the Catwoman. "Now Batman, on your list is your assignment for the next 24 hours. It is a list of people and places, you will visit and spread your gay bat seed. You have 24 hours to collect 14 dollars which is what you will need to save your Boy Wonder from becoming a chocolate covered Robin. I suggest you get going Lover Boy time is a ticking and you need to get a licking said the Catwoman with a laugh.


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