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Water, Water Everywhere and Riddler There

by trailboy992000



Dick Grayson was taking a nice cool swim on a hot summer day in Gotham City. Bruce was out of town for an important Wayne Foundation meeting. Suddenly without warning as Dick dove into the pool the drain starting sucking him down. He managed to grab the edge of the pool; however, he felt his swim trunks come right off. The water drained ½ out of the pool.


Dick(Robin) – Holy plumbing problems.Why did the drain suddenly pop open! This is a job for Robin. (He ran into Wayne Manor to the Batcave and put on his Robin costume and called the Commissioner)

Commissioner: Robin, thank goodness you calledI was just about to call you and Batman. All the swimming pools around Gotham have been drained.  And my secretary got a call with a peculiar response. It was “Water, Water, everywhere and not a drop to drink” What is going on?

Robin: I’m not sure yet, but Batman and I are on the case. (Robin contacted Bruce Wayne who told him to research the situation and that he would join him in the batcave in an hour or two)


Robin: There must be some clues in the drainage system itself. Alfred tell Batman that I am following the drain system. (Robin headed out- he crawled into the water drainage system below Wayne manor and started following it)


(Robin finally stumble upon voices- deep underneath Gotham City he heard the Riddler)

Robin: Of course Riddler- Let me contact Batman- Batman, Robin here and it’s the Riddler and  for the riddle “Water , water, everywhere and not a drop to drink”, he’s going to poison the water supply.

Batman: Good job ole chum, get back here before you get caught.

Robin: Roger! (Robin then heard the Riddler)

Riddler:Now I will give them a while and then I will drain the whole city starting with the north side- they will soon give me 100 million dollars and I will assume control of Gotham City. Hee hee heee heee. Send another riddle: “ When does a bay become a bed”

Robin: Holy Gotham Bay!- when it’s all dried up. Batman He’s not poisoning the water, but drainii….. (Robin drops his transmitter)

Riddler- (Hearing the noise) Quick men!-

(The men open the shaft door and Robin fall through)

Riddler: Boywonder!

Robin: Batman is on his way, and you will soon be sent up creek without a paddle.

Riddler:  Not if it is dried up. Get him! (Bam, Pow, Wam, Riddler grabbed a loose water pipe and caught Robin by surprised. Bam, the Boywonder was out cold)- I know just what to do with him. Take him to the dehydrating room and lay him on the table next to the machine, and strip him.

Robin: Where am I?

Riddler: Hee, hee, heee. Riddle me this What do you call a dehydrated bird?

Robin: Let me go you Fiend! And give me back my costume!

Riddler: He doesn’t want to play, well you call it a Dried Robin. Hee hee hee

Robin: Holy dehydration!

Riddler- Cover him men! You see this rubber suit is connected to my dehydration machine. It will suck all water out of your body. A very slow death- you will first get thirsty, then fill your skin start to dry out. By then you will be dead and the skin will basically fall off.

Robin: No aawww (The goons cover his head with a mask)

(Riddler starts the machine)

Riddler: Not even Batman will be able to reach you in time!


(Meanwhile the Commissioner is collecting the money for the Riddler. Batman was waiting for Robin in the batcave)

Batman: Alfred, no word from Robin, I think he met up with fowl play. I tracked him down where his last communication was and I’m going to check it out. Keep an ear out for communication.

(Batman rushed to the site)

(Robin struggled to get away and could feel the machine sucking his body, he was beginning to get thirsty)

Riddler: Come men let’s collect the money from Gotham.


(Batman arrived at the North Gotham Water plant. He walked in ; however, all the employees were trying to figure out what to do about Gotham’s water sudden loss.)

Batman: This is the spot but where? Robin said something about the drain of the pool. The last riddle was “Up and Over- Down and Under- no water anywhere”. Nothing is up but the drainage pipes and water pipes are under. I’ll check.

(Robin could feel all juices being extracted from his cock and he could tell he was drying out he started to feel his elbows and knees crack.Suddenly he spotted Batman up in the pipe opening. He gave one last struggle. Batman spotted him. He rushed down and freed Robin, spraying his body with water. Robin felt better and slipped back on his costume while telling Batman of the whole plan. The dynamic duo was off to the drop off place.)

Riddler: We will give them 5 more minutes then it’s curtains for Gotham City.

Commissioner: Hold it chief, Batman just called. They have destroyed Riddler’s machine and are coming after him.

(Suddenly as Riddler was pacing the dynamic duo drove up)

Riddler: What! Robin! It can’t be.

Robin: We got you now you watered down Riddle.

BAM, POW, WAM, UGG, UMF. Batman and Robin had triumph over evil.


Robin: Now that we are finished here Batman, I really need to soak some more in water.THE END.





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