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By Nonrelenting




Batman had been guest speaker at a large gathering of law enforcement officials and now was headed to the Batmobile for the short trip home.  Tonight Robin remained on duty at the Bat cave, monitoring Gotham Cityís crime needs for the night, leaving Batman to handle the speaking engagement alone. Batman had only recently begun to delegate additional duties to his young partner, and Robin was enjoying the new responsibilities


Usually Batmanís senses were beyond keen, but tonight he was distracted. Recently his relationship with Robin had moved from best friends to something closer.  They had allowed themselves to move from supportive companions to a new growing and intensifying relationship. As Batman walked to the Bat mobile, his mind wandered into areas he rarely even considered.


This left the caped crusader completely unaware of a steadily tightening circle of strong masked men-until it was too late. They closed in on the caped crime fighter without warning and through sheer force pinned him to the ground. Within minutes, however; sirens signaled the arrival of the police and, except for a few bruises and a slightly blackened eye, Batman was unscathed. The police pursued the attackers and Batman was escorted to the Batmobile for his ride home to the Batcave.


While Robin surveyed the cityóentranced by the high tech monitoring devices at his disposal, Batman made his way home, slightly shook but nonetheless unharmed.  Only a slight pain above his right eye reminded him of his earlier close call- a pain that would be magnified later to unbelievable magnitude. Robin was a bit startled to see his partner sporting a steadily darkening black eye as he entered the ìSurveillance Roomî of the Batcave. He immediately summoned Arthur, their butler for ice and compresses.


ìWe did exactly what you told us to do, boss,î the lead henchman reported. ìWe pinned him, slipped the control chip behind the right eye socket, without even a whimper from the caped crusader. He never noticed it. He was too occupied trying to fight us off.  All our many rehearsals and practices really paid off. The plan went off without a hitch.î


The Riddler leaned back in his chair and smiled a twisted grin that signified total satisfaction. With a lift of his eye brows and a twinkle in his evil eyes, he spoke:


ìWhen is one stone enough to kill two birds?î


ìDonít know, boss,î the henchmen obediently answered.


ìWhen oneís a bat and oneís a robinî quipped the giggling villain.





That night as Robin slept soundly in the privacy of his own room and bed; he suddenly felt the presence of someone else. He smiled as he opened his eyes to see his mentor and partner slipping under the covers next to him. Encircling the young boy with his strong arms, Batman felt the boyís deep intake of breath and then heard him sigh.  His hands moved to the boyís pecs and tits and felt the boy swoon in his embrace. 


Robin felt the hardness of Batmanís manhood pressing against his ass. Robinís small cock dripped clear sweet precum- his tight briefs showing a steadily spreading wet stain as the slippery boy cockís lubricant oozed copiously in anticipation of entry.  He flexed his muscular ass and arched his back as he had done numerous times before, but with the same reaction. Through a series of sexual pants involuntarily afflicted his breathing, Robin managed to speak:


ìYou know I want youÖwhy donít you take me?  I want you so fucking much, Bruce.  Iíve wanted you for months.  Please fuck me. Make me your boy.  Itís all Iíve ever wanted.  PleaseÖpleaseÖ..î


ìNot yet, DickÖ  I want it to be right.  I want you when the time is perfect and that time is fast approaching.  Iíve been watching you ever since I made you my charge. I have controlled myself around you for years, waiting to you to reach the age of consent-legal and available. You and I were meant to be together and I promise it will happen very soon. WeÖ. we weÖÖweÖÖÖ..î


Without warning, the caped crusader stuttered to a stop-his words ending abruptly.  He stared straight ahead and was silent.  Robin waited for Bruce to finish his thought but only silence followed. Batman froze, unmovable and stiff.  The silence stretched for what seemed like hours.

Robin quickly reached for the light. After fumbling around trying to find the switch, he snapped it on.  But all seemed normal and Batman was once again holding him and kissing his neck. Batmanís tongue found the young boyís mouth and darted in and out.  Robin, though a bit puzzled, soon relaxed under the sexual spell of the larger more muscular crime fighter.  Before long both men were relaxing in each otherís arms and then sound asleep.


ìDid it work, boss,î the head henchman asked? 


ìIf all my read-outs are accurate, it worked perfectly.  I gave the command to stop all activity and make no vocal sound.  He obeyed.  Our caped crusader did exactly what he was told to do.  Heís under our control-totally, completely under our control!î


ìBoss, this is going to be goodÖvery good!  Your plan is fucking perfect!î


ìIf what I think is going on between our two ìlove birdsî is REALLY going on, my plan is going to be even better than you can imagine. Another riddle for you: When do two birds in hand result in more than one bird in the bush?î


ìI donít understand, boss.î


ìOh, you willÖyou will,î laughed the Riddler. 



The next day was uneventful for Batman and Robin.  Bruce Wayne spent most of day being the powerful CEO of his own corporation and Robin attended the local university. Both men went about their normal everyday lives, incognito-their secret identities intact and perfectly hidden.  As the two were eating dinner together, the sky outside suddenly became illuminated with the now familiar Bat insignia.  Batcave computers indicated a robbery in progress at the wharf near the waterfront.  Both men suited up, jumped into the Batmobile and sped off to encounter crime again as they had so often done.


As the two caped crime fighters entered the dimly lighted warehouse, they immediately recognized the Riddler. They were surprised at how few of his henchmen were with himóthe familiar villain usually was surrounded by a dozen or more.


ìUp to your usual tracks, I see,î Batman spoke, his voice strong and commanding. 


The Riddler simply smiled and raised a small box resembling a television remote control. As he pressed the button on the top of the box, a light began to blinkóbut other than that small indication, nothing seemed to occur.


ìThe Riddler seems to be out of tricks,î Robin said, staring at Batman next to him. As the Riddlerís men became to surround the dynamic duo, Robin assumed a defensive stance, preparing to fight and defeat the evildoers.  As he glanced at Batman, he was startled to see a figure still frozen in place, making no effort to defend or fight. Batman seemed to be in a trance-immovable and dazed.


ëSnap out of it, Batman!  I am going to need some help hereî barked the Boy Wonder, but with no results.  


The Riddlerís partners in crime descended on Robin like a pack of wolves and as Batman stood, useless and immobile, the young boy was pummeled relentlessly by one strong henchman after another.  As the boy began to weaken, one of the stronger men held him from behind while the others took turns gut punching him, then powerful kicks to the balls, followed by upper cuts into the rib cage. As the boy began to succumb to the horrific beating, the men backed off and the Riddler approached a stun gun in his hand.


Iíve amplified the voltage on my ìlittle friendî here- letís see what it can do!î


At point blank range, the Riddler shot Robin directly in the chest.  Massive amounts of electricity surged through the connecting wires and into his young body. His high pitched screams echoed through the empty warehouse. His face contorted in pain, Robin tried to remove the wires from where they were embedded in his chest. He silently mouthed the word, ìHelp me!î to Batman but his crime fighting partner stood mute- his gaze distant and unaffected by the action around him. Unable to disconnect the wires, Robin absorbed the full charge of the gun. Then the Boy Wonder fell face first onto the floor, his body jerking and thrashing as he lay there in an ever widening pool of piss. 


ìDamn, bossÖis he dead?î


ìNo, you know thatís not part of the plan, but it sure knocked the piss right out of him, didnít it?î The Riddler giggled at his own comment.


The Riddler then turned to Batman, standing stone-faced like a statue before him and said, ìPick up the boy and bring him to our hideout-weíll lead the way.î


Batman, without any hesitation, lifted the young boy to his shoulders.  Piss still drained out of the pouch in Robinís costume as he draped the boyís body over his strong shoulders and followed the Riddler and his men. One by one they all piled into waiting vans and headed to an underground hideaway several miles away.


ìAnother Riddle for you boys: When is a Robin ready for eating?î


ìDonít know, boss-tell us!î


ìÖ.after the Robinís been thoroughly tenderized, and carefully ëpluckedí!î


Everyone laughedÖ.everyone that is, but Batman, who sat cold and emotionless, waiting for his next order.




ìI have plans for both crime fighters-very different plans but completely effective and satisfying for us all to witness and enjoy.  I know what will drive Robin to the edge and I know what will eventually result in utter madness for Batman.  As my plan unfolds, we will revel in their downfall and celebrate an end to their continuous interference in our crime activity.  Neither superhero will be in any position to oppose us. Letís get started-get the video cameras ready in Batmanís cell. I want to have something ready for Robin to watch when he wakes up.î


Batman lay on a single bed in his cell. At first glance, he appeared to be asleep, but on closer inspection, he was wide eyes and staring at the ceiling.  In this trance-like state, the caped crusader waited for instructions from his new master, the Riddler.  The mounted camera in the ceiling began to whirl and record every action in the room.  The door opened and one of Riddlerís strongest, most muscular henchmen entered wearing only a jock strap. He stood staring down at the superheroís powerful body stretched out on the bed.


ìBatman, I want you to do everything my buddy in the room tells you to do.  I want you to respond to every suggestion he makes and I want you to do it with enthusiasm and convincing skill.  I want you to become this manís fuck slave and cocksucker.  Whatever you do, I command you to do with a spirit of unbridled sexual depravity.  You no longer have any desire for Robin-in fact, the thought of him repels youÖrepulses you!  Until I tell you otherwise, this man is your master. Do you understand?î


ìYes, Master. I understand!î was the only reply.


ìActivate the sound recorders now as well,î directed the Riddler.


And thus began a sexual scene which the Riddler had been waiting for ALL of his life.  Batman was ordered to strip and did so with hurried abandon. The man in the room stripped off his jock strap, looped t around the superheroís neck and used it as a leash, leading the caped crusader to the opposite side of the room where he leaned back against the wall and spoke in low definite tones to Batman:


ìHow much do you want my cock, Batman?  Tell me how much you crave it.  Tell me what else you want.   What are you now, Batman? What have you become?î


ìI want your hot cock! I want it more than anything.  Iíve dreamed of sucking your hot dick.  I want to eat your assÖ.lick your ballsÖfeel your hot cock inside me.  Breed me.  I want to be your fuck stud! I want to be fucked by youÖtake your cum down my throat. I want to be your cocksuckerÖyour fuck studî


ìWhat about Robin, Batman?  Donít you want him,î asked the muscular stud? ìTell me how you feel about the Boy Wonder.î


ìI donít want to EVER see that immature, faggot again. The thought of himÖhis puny cockÖand his pathetic ass makes me sick!  Heís a fucking little boy! I want a real man.  I want YOU!î


Riddler smiled as he watched as his henchman push Batman to his knees and then an even wider grin emerged as Batman began to suck the huge manís dripping cock.  The henchman maneuvered Batman around so that he could hold the crime fighterís head against the wall as he faced fucked him. It also gave a better view to the camera above so that there was no mistaking who was sucking the massive cock.


As the sexual activity accelerated in Batmanís cell, the Riddler gave a new command,


ìConnect a recording of Batmanís words to the speaker in Robinís cell and set it up to continually repeat.  I want him to hear those words over and over again.  When you have good footage of whatís going on in Batmanís cell, begin transmitting it to the Boy Wonderís cell as well.  I want him to get a vivid idea of what his partner is up to.î


Then Riddler leaned back to watch the video screen just as the first full load of cum went down Batmanís throat. Riddlerís cock hardened and leaked a slippery glob of precum onto his hairy balls in the crotch of his briefs. The muscular henchman gave an order for Batman to eat his ass and the caped crusader immediately repositioned and began to lick and tongue the manís hairy hole. The door to the cell opened and two additional men entered, their huge cocks already poised for sucking. One of the men carried a jar of lube-a clear indication of what was in store for the superhero.


ìWhen does a baby bird become full grown,î asked the Riddler?


As everyone shrugged, Riddler answered to gales of laughter:


ìWhen it either leaves its parentís nest or falls to its death,î 


Silence and raised eyebrows followed the onerous tone of the Riddlerís answer




Robin was shackled to a long table in a holding cell-much like an operating room. As he awoke, he heard Bruceís voice. There was another man talking too.  It was a few moments before the words began to make sense.  Robin couldnít believe what he was hearing.


ìWhat about Robin, Batman? Tell me how you feel about the Boy Wonder.î


ìI donít want to EVER see that immature, faggot again. The thought of himÖhis puny cockÖand his pathetic ass makes me sick!  Heís a fucking little boy! I want a real man.  I want YOU!î


Then the tape began to repeat endlessly, looping to its beginning again and again-driving the message home with unmistakable clarity. Robinís eyes filled with tear. Choking back sobs he couldnít believe what he was hearing. 


Suddenly he was attracted to a video screen to the left of his bed. On the screen Bruce was kneeling on the floor sucking cock after cock.  Thick cum loads were flooding into the caped crusaderís mouth. Excess cum dribbled down his chin onto the floor.  He elevated his ass now as it was lubed by a large burly bear-type member of the Riddlerís gang. The man was stroking his gigantic cock and the massive fuck tool was pulsating in anxious anticipation of what was about to happen.  


ìFuck me! Fuck me! FUCKÖ.. ME, screamed Batman!  I want COCK!  I WANT MAN COCKóNO MORE BOY COCK!!!!!!î 


Robin cringed as he watched the huge hairy cock penetrate Batmanís ass and begin pounding him. Bruce was totally convincing as a full fledged cock slave- he sucked greedily on two of the men while the third rammed his ass repeatedly with his 9î beer can thickness cock. Robin was in shock.  He buried his head in his hands and wept, repeating over and overÖ.


ìBatmanÖBruceÖ.whyÖwhy would you do this to meÖ.?


The screen went blank and the room was silent.  Robin shook uncontrollable as the temperature was gradually lowered in the room to accentuate the affect. The Boy Wonder began to shiver uncontrollably. The shackles holding Robin abruptly opened and he was able to stand. He paced from one end of the cell to the other-shaking his head in an attempt to clear the awful images from his brain. 


After about 30 minutes, the door opened and two men tossed another boy into the room.  The boy was younger than Robin-probably late teens.  By his appearance, the boy had been through a rough time too.  He appeared to have scratches and cuts on him from a recent beating.


ìIím Todd,î the boy introduced himself. ìI recognize you. Youíre Robin, the Boy Wonder!î


ìWhy are you here,î Robin asked, his voice still quivering from his earlier sobbing?


ìI guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,î the boy responded. ìIím just glad to see someone else here-someone I can trust.î


With no warning, the boy reached out and embraced Robin, his arms wrapping around the young muscled crime fighter. Robin returned the hug, but then, unexpectedly held on-his need for companionship and solace was overwhelming, all consuming. The boy faced Robin and their lips met. What followed was predictable and typical of young men with high libidos and a need to find something to hold on to in their mutual hour of need.


The Riddler laughed out loud and sipped a glass of wine as he watched the two boys coupling, cum squirting in all directions, their passions out of control and without bounds. 


ìMake sure thatís all on tape too,î he commented to one of his men as the boyís finally lay in each otherís arms exhausted from their escapade. 


ìThat boy was worth every penny we paid for himÖvery convincingÖVERY CONVINCING!î


ìAnother riddle?î asked the Riddler. ìWhen do birds of a feather flock together?î


ìTell us, RiddlerÖ.we want to knowÖîchided the Riddlerís henchmen.


ìÖwhen they are of the same mind and motiveÖÖunless, of course, one is paid to do so,î answered the Riddler with a cackling laugh that could be heard up and down the corridors of the criminalís hideaway.




Todd quietly slipped out of Robinís holding cell, leaving the Boy Wonder sleeping soundly. Riddler met him in the hallway and gave him additional instructions for the morning. He was then escorted to a shower for a thorough cleanup. His mind wandered as he felt the cleansing spray of the shower on his smooth young body.  


Erotic visions of Robinís beautiful ass hardened him. Thinking about Riddlerís instructions maximized his erection and initiated a flow of sweet sticky precum from the boyís pulsating cock. He enjoyed the luxurious sexual feeling produced by the soap and warm water as he spread the thick suds over his ass, cock and balls. 


Activating the speaker in Batmanís cell, Riddler woke the sleeping superhero and gave explicit directions. Batman nodded his understanding of the instructions as the door to his cell opened and Todd walked in.


The camera on the wall began to record the activity in the cell.  Riddler carefully disabled the sound recorder.  He wanted this scene to be silent. He smiled as he watched the caped crusader walk to the young boy and tenderly kiss him, his hands moving to the perfectly rounded ass cheeks of the boy, caressing the boyís smooth hairless buttocks.  The embrace quickly became passionate- tongues darting in and out of open mouths and the two males became entwined.  Between kisses, Batman whispered into Toddís ear: 


Iíve waited so long for this moment, Dick!  All I have ever wanted was to possess you, your cock, your ass, your body. All I want is for you to be my boy forever!î


Todd smiled, knowing full well that Batman thought he was Robin.  He intended to take full advantage of that fact.  He wanted to be fucked by the huge crime fighter and he wanted Robin to have to witness it later on video.  He relaxed into the arms of the mighty man, who had long been part of his sexual fantasies.


ìBruceÖBruceÖtake meÖI want you so badly.  FUCK ME! Make me YOUR BOY!î


And Batman did just that-he fucked Todd passionately until his huge Bat cock exploded deep inside the boyís rectum.  The boy climaxed at exactly the same moment- further stimulated to orgasm by his awareness that Batmanís and Robinís cum were now co-mingled in his ass. Todd had been fucked by two superheroes in one day.  For the young boy it was an unbelievably erotic ìdream come trueî.


ìCould anything be hotter than this,î thought the young boy as he lay exhausted on the bed next to Batman.


Riddler stopped the camera and reactivated the sound system in the room.


ìBatmanÖnow finish the job,î Riddler ordered!


The Riddler watched as Batman sat up and with his right hand grabbed the boy by the throat and lifted him up off the floor.  Todd, startled, began to thrash and kick. Batman pressed the boyís back against the wall and with his left hand encircled the boyís cock and balls.  Slowly he tightened his grip on the boyís privates until the boy screamed in pain and the fight went out of him. 


Grasping the boyís throat, Batman cut off the boyís air supply. Todd began to shake all over-his legs and arms flailing wildly. With one powerful squeeze, the boyís windpipe was crushed. He gasped for air, but without success.  It took 4 minutes for the asphyxiation to be completed. As Toddís bladder involuntarily released, his imminent death was signaled. Within seconds, Toddís eyes rolled back in his head, and it was over!  A Quick twist of the neck and an audible snap left now doubt as to the boyís final fate. Batman had followed orders to the letter and proved that even deadly orders would be obeyed without question.


The Riddler was extremely pleased.  He settled back in his chair as the crime fighter released the young boyís body to slump to the floor. The superhero then sat down on his bed to await further orders. Riddler calmly ordered:


ìStart playing the video of Todd being fucked by Batman to the Boy Wonderís cell. Make sure you delete the final section.  I want Robin to experience betrayal in its most intense form through two trusted friends, but I donít want him getting any previews of what ultimately is in store for him.î 


Relaxing in his chair, Riddler quietly asked himself a riddle---then solved it.


ìWhen love turns to hate and hate turns to love-which emerges stronger?î


ìNeitherÖ each ultimately cancels out the otherÖ..COMPLETELY and FINALLY!





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