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Professor Egghead


Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson was having a nice Saturday morning breakfast of eggs and bacon. When Alfred approached and told Bruce Wayne that there were some red papers in the study. Bruce and Dick left the table to answer the batphone. )


Bruce: Yes, Commissioner

Commissioner- Batman, there’s been a kidnapping come down here.


(They raced to the batpoles)


(Commissioner Gordan feeled them in on the information. Apparently Dr. Ashford at Gotham University is missing. )

Bonnie: Commissioner, there’s an urgent message.

Commissioner: Patch it through. Hello, Great Scott! Batman, there was a robbery at the egg donor hospital bank. The nurses said that the man called himself Professor Egghead.

Robin: Holy, sunny side up! I thought he was in jail.

Commissioner: Bonnie has that report come in.

Bonnie: Yes Commissioner, I’ll bring it right in.

Batman: The criminal report Commissioner?

Commissioner: yes- and just as I thought, Egghead was released 6 months ago, and went to Germany. He arrived back at Gotham Airport 3 weeks ago.

Batman: Quick Robin not a moment to lose.

(The dynamic duo raced back to the batcave. Batman instructed Robin to search the newly bought factories, and warehouses. Batman looked up a Berlin Tribune)


Robin: Batman, why would someone go all the way to Germany than back to Gotham City?

Batman: Just as I thought . After looking at the computer information from the Berlin Tribune it make sense. You see at the time Egghead was in Germany the Adolf Hitler’s Medical Research Museum was robbed. The only thing taken was research papers about cloning.

Robin: And Dr. Ashford at the University was working on stem cell research. Holy experimentation.

Batman: Exactly, what warehouses have you found.

Robin: Several but these two stand out: The Hen Shack Restaurant near the coast was purchased last week. And at the same time the Old Farmer’s Carton Factory on east 34th. was purchase. Either place.

Batman: Yes, check your transmitter, and you pick one and I’ll take the other. Just check it out, and be careful.


(Robin selected the Hen Shack and Batman went to the Factory)


Batman arrived at the factory- he saw Egghead and Dr. Ashford working in a type of lab set up. Robin arrived at the Hen Shack. Playing cards were some of  Egghead’s henchmen playing cards. Robin reported to Batman.)

Robin: Batman, positive location- henchmen spotted.

Batman: Roger- but here too UGG! (Suddenly Batman was knocked over the head with the help of two other henchmen.)


Robin: Batman! Come in! (Robin didn’t realize he was so loud. The henchmen turned and saw him. 4 against 1 – Robin sprang forward fighting. Bam, Hit, Slug- one goon down ; kick, ummp- another. But then the other two grabbed Robin He was trapped.)


Henchmen 1: Let’s tie him down and check in with the boss.

Egghead: Excellent, do what you want with him.

(The henchmen stripped the boy wonder and ties him)



(Mean while back at the factory, Batman was coming to, but found himself handcuffed)

Batman: Egghead, what are you doing?

Dr. Ashford: Oh Batman, he’s forcing me to do his evil experiment.

Egghead: I’ll explain it to him. You see Batman, I’m creating an army. They will have my my evil sense and your muscle and know how. You could say that I will be the commandor of a clone army.

Batman: Never, you evil man



Egghead: I thought you might say that. So let me let you know that my henchmen have captured Robin. If you don’t cooperate he will die in 24 hours. Also I have a special instrument that will assist you. (He opens the curtain)

Batman: What!

Egghead: Yes, This chair is designed to force you to cum giving me your sperm cells.

Batman: Never!!

Egghead: Strip him, Oh, and Batman, as the clone grow- we will be able to discover your true identity. So we won’t take off your mask.



(Batman struggled but he couldn’t escape. He was concerned about Robin, but he knew he had to prevent this)



(The henchmen tied Batman to the chair and stimulated his cock. They then connected the vibrator to his cock.)



(As the vibrator started Batman tried to escape, but there was no way out. He thought about Robin what could be happening to him. Batman had to try to force himself not to cum)



(Yes Robin too was experiencing terror. The henchmen started beating the boywonder)





(They finally dragged Robin out towards the beach area. They staked him down.)


Henchmen: Ok Boywonder, now the tide should be coming in soon and you will be covered with water, the sea life will have a feast.

Robin: (exhausted from the torture) You won’t get away with this. What has happened to Batman.

Henchmen: Oh I’m sure he is assisting Professor Egghead. (He laughs as he walks away)


(Robin tries to get free but he is too exhausted. The tide starts to come in.)



(Meanwhile Batman finally emptied a load for Egghead’s experiment. )

Egghead: Take Batman to the vacuum table so he can’t escape.

(The henchmen took the cape crimefighter and laid him on the vacuum table)



(As the water started to surround Robin, he could feel the sea creatures swimming around his feet. Then he felt something hit his hand. A seagull had spotted the fish and were gathering around him. As the seagulls gathered upon the stakes that binded Robin it loosened the stake enough that Robin was able to loosen the binds. He quickly untied himself and raced back to the Hen Shack. Only one henchman was there along with Robin’s costume. Robin surprised the Henchman and tied him to the bed.) .


(Robin raced to save Batman. He arrived at the factory

He carefully climbed the wall and saw in one room Egghead, henchmen and Dr. Ashford. The other room something that looked like Batman in a vacuum bag. Robin went in and released the bag. It was Batman.)


Batman: I’m glad to see you chum. Hurry we must stop the experiment.


(The cape crime fighters burst in the room. POW< WAM< CRASH< SMASH< BAM. Egghead and his gang were defeated. Batman destroyed the experiment. Dr. Ashford gathered his notes and freezer thermos.)

Batman: Dr, are you O.K.?

Dr. Ashford: yes, thank you Batman he was a mad man.

Batman: Yes, I’m sorry I destroyed the embryo cells but with this type of research we must be very careful.

(The police assisted Dr. Ashford and took him back to the college. Little did Batman know one embryo cell was still in Dr. Ashford’s thermos.)

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