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Part 1

This story is a work of Adult fiction and it might contain references to the Flash, Barry Allen, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Nightwing, Robin, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, Clark Kent, Superman, Scarecrow, Superfriends, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman. These characters are the property of DC. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy. 

Now that Chad had acquired the Flash’s super speed, he was determined to capture the rest of the male Superfirends. Chad had devised a special red lycra bag that when the Flash was put in, it would force the Flash to spin out of control. The bag would fill up with the Flash sweat. When the Flash passed out, Chad would get in the bag and his Flash replica costume would soak up the Flash’s sweat. It would then convert that sweat into super speed. The Flash would lose his speed for 8 hours, so the Flash was put in the special bag every 8 hours. Chad now could be the Flash anytime he wanted and his plan to dominate the other male super heroes would require the use of his new identity. 

Chad as the Flash had made a special call to Wonder Woman. He told Wonder Woman that he had acquired special information that he wanted her help to check out. Wonder Woman was right on time, but the Flash was late. Wonder Woman was surprised to find herself surrounded by 12 men. The fight commenced and Wonder Woman was in the fight of her life. All of the sudden a red blur came flying into the room. Wonder Woman breathed a sigh of relief. The Flash brushed up against Wonder Woman. She did not notice that the Flash had taken her magic lasso. The Flash was quick to throw the lasso around Wonder Woman. Flash then preceded to ask Wonder Woman about her Superhero friends. Wonder woman was compelled to answer all his questions. He then told wonder Woman that she would remember nothing that had just occurred. He then gave Wonder Woman a fake replica of her magic lasso. Wonder Woman was most helpful in explaining how the lasso worked. “Wonder Woman, you will believe this is your magic lasso! Do you understand? Wonder Woman shook her head yes. “Now Wonder Woman, it was nice doing business with you! I suggest you take you magic lasso and go,” said Chad. With that Wonder Woman was on her way forgetting why she was ever there in the first place. 

With his new acquisition, Chad would now go after Batman. With Wonder Woman’s magic lasso, he would be able to find out the needed information to defeat Green Lantern, Robin, and Superman. With the little information he got from Wonder Woman, Chad was off to Gotham City. Chad knew it was only a matter of time before Batman would be out stopping crime. He made sure to bring a couple of his super speed Flash costumes, which had absorbed the Flash’s super speed. 

It was a hot night in Gotham City, Batman was soon chasing after the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow had threatened to poison Gotham’s water supply with his fear drug. Batman had just arrived at the Gotham City water treatment plant as the Scarecrow was making his move. A fight ensued as the Scarecrow’s hench men tried to bring down Batman. Batman fought off all six goons and was approaching the Scarecrow, when from behind he was stuck in the neck with a needle. Batman quickly took care of the last goon and returned his focus back on the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow grabbed Batman by his package and squeezed real hard. Batman let out a yell that could be heard for miles. While Batman was leaned over in pain, the Scarecrow grabbed Batman by the waist from behind. As Batman was grabbing the antidote in his utility belt, the Scarecrow unbuckled the utility belt and pulled real hard. “Not this time you jerk” shouted the Scarecrow. “I have special plans for you” the Scarecrow said. Batman continued to put up a fight, but the drugs were beginning to take effect. The Scarecrow quickly ran to van and Batman was right behind. Batman started to get light headed and stopped and even appeared stunned. The Scarecrow was waiting for this reaction, which meant the drugs were working at full force. Batman started to grab the Scarecrow, when the Scarecrow opened the doors to the back of the van. The doors were lined with mirrors. The Scarecrow got to the side as not to be in front of the mirrors. When the Batman saw his reflection in the mirror, the Scarecrow said, “Take a long hard look Batman because this is the one person in the world you will fear the most”. Immediately, Batman started shaking and fell to his knees covering his eyes. The Scarecrow started laughing as he watched the once invincible Batman afraid of his own reflection. “Now Batman, You and I need to take a trip,” said the Scarecrow. With the frightened Batman, the Scarecrow had no trouble placing Batman in a strait jacket. He then placed Batman in a mirror line coffin. “I thought you might like to look at your self Batman during the trip” said the Scarecrow. Batman would go mad if he was left in there for too long. Scarecrow got in his van and took off to his secret lair. Chad dressed, as the Flash was quick to follow. Batman was screaming in fright at the sight of himself. Upon entering his secret lair, Scarecrow took Batman out of the coffin and had his goons tie him to a cross. “You my Bat Friend are going to be my new scarecrow,” the Scarecrow said. With that, Batman was hoisted up on the cross in the center of the room like a scarecrow. “Now Bats, let’s have some fun” The Scarecrow grabbed Batman’s cock and began to massage it. ‘I want to see you cum in your costume, Batman” said the Scarecrow. Batman was dazed by the effects of the drugs and could not answer. The Scarecrow worked and worked on Batman’s cock and when he was close to climax, the Scarecrow had one of his goons dressed in a Batman costume finish him off. Batman screamed at the man dressed in the Batman costume and what he was doing to him. The fake Batman had Batman cumming and Batman was screaming from fear. Batman’s load was quick to drench his blue spandex briefs, but the Scarecrow was not done. The Scarecrow proceeded to stuff Batman’s spandex costume with straw. Before he finished, the Scarecrow placed a special device on Batman’s rock hard cock. The device would make Batman cum every 20 minutes. The Scarecrow activated the devise and Batman started moaning. The Scarecrow then completed the transformation of Batman into a scarecrow. He stuck straw up Batman’s cowl. When he was done it looked like Batman had gained 300 pounds. The Scarecrow place the final touches on his new scarecrow by placing Batman’s utility belt around his waist. “Looks like your going to need a new belt Batcrow” said the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow gave his new pet a kiss and was on his way to his next job. 

Meanwhile, Chad watched in delight as Batman was forced to cum every 20 minutes. Batman was starting to create a pool of cum at the bottom of the pole. Chad had seen enough, but he would need the help of the goon dressed as Batman. Within seconds, Chad had Wonder Woman’s magic lasso wrapped around the waist of the fake Batman and was ordering him to punish the real Batman. Chad told him he wanted the real Batman to feel pain. Chad watched in delight as the fake Batman started punching the real Batman in the groin. The pain was unbearable. He was screaming in pain. Chad let this continue for 30 minutes watching the fake Batman use the real Batman’s body like a punching bag. To make matters worse, Batman was being abused by himself. Chad approached Batman and asked if he was willing to start a new life. Batman was quick to respond, “Yes”. “OK Batman, if I help you, you will have to do what I say, do you understand?” asked Chad. Batman thought this was his chance to escape, so he said “Yes”. Chad instructed the fake Batman to cut down the real Batman, which he did. Batman’s body hit the ground with a thug. “Now take off that stupid costume,” instructed Chad. Batman still weak did as he was told. He stopped with his cowl. “All of it Batman” ordered Chad. Batman had no choice due to his weak condition. He also thought this guy would never no who he was. Batman slowly removed his mask to show the face of Bruce Wayne. Chad only smiled when he saw the face of Bruce Wayne. I have hit the jackpot he thought. “Now Batman I have something for you. This is you new costume,” said Chad. He gave the costume to the naked Batman. The costume looked just like his old one except instead of the Bat insignia, his new insignia was a rock hard cock with balls. “Batman, put on your new costume” ordered Chad. Batman was starting to feel his strength returning, but he wanted to see what this stranger wanted, so he put on the costume. Chad then gave Batman his new utility belt and said “Batman, you will notice all of your compartments in your belt are filled with oils and lubricants. You will need them for your new career”. Batman had had enough and finally said, “Look freak this has gone on long enough. I am going to get you the psychological help you need.” He reached for Chad, but before Batman could grab him, Chad lassoed Batman with Wonder Woman’s magic lasso. Batman was stoned and he froze instantly. “Batman the only one who needs help is you and you will get none from me. I believe you should recognize the magic lasso. It will compel you to do what I say. Batman stood there like in a trance. He could hear every thing Chad said but he could not move. “Now listen up Bats, You are no longer Batman. You will now become Bonerman. Do you understand?” Batman responded, “I am Bonerman.” “Good” replied Chad. “Now Bonerman, You will forget you were Bruce Wayne after you sign over your fortune to me. Do you understand? “I am not Bruce Wayne and I will sign over my fortune to you,” replied the former hero. “Good” responded Chad. Chad said, “You are now Bonerman and you are a porn star.” Bonerman shook his head yes that he understood. With that, Chad removed the lasso and took Bonerman to his office. There in his office were his lawyers with the papers for Bruce Wayne to sign. “Have a seat Bonerman,” said Chad. Bonerman then signed the papers and Chad now was the richest man in the world. “Now Bonerman, I want you to give that old Batman costume to Vido” directed Chad. Bonerman gave his once proud costume to Vido, who quickly put it on. Vido was now the new Batman. Chad then whipped out the magic lasso one again. He tied Bonerman to the chair. “Now Bonerman, I want you to tell everything you know about Green Lantern, Nightwing, and Superman. It was not long and Bonerman was telling Chad about the secret identities, their weakness, where he could find them, etc. When he was done the fake Batman took Bonerman to the set where the adult movies were being made. 

With the knowledge that Chad had acquired from Batman, he would now be able to go after the biggest prize, Superman. Chad had been watching Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman for a while. His best friend Batman had betrayed superman. With the help of the magic lasso, Batman had no choice but to answer Chad’s questions. Chad was now in the position of taking out the greatest hero of all. With one of Chad’s thugs now posing as Bruce Wayne and Batman, he now had access to the nation’s top scientists and all the resources he needed to bring down the Man of Steel. Chad had the scientists working on a special project to help him conquer Superman. 

 very soon” said Chad. 



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