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The time has come: Superhero Fetish breaks in your computer screens, smartphones and tablets to give a unique experience to all those who love this world full of hot adventures.

Superhero Fetish is a colossal work that wants to satisfy all the nuances of a fetish that can have different implications, some softer and other increasingly hard and hot. A complete journey into the world of a fetish that rapidly continues to take root in the world.


SuperheroFetish is a website that resembles a magazine, where you will find the various ways in which the world of superheroes can be part of our daily lives, and find out how this fetish has been experienced in entirely different ways all over the world .

You will dive into the true superhero adventure. It's an erotic web site where you live the intense experiences of endangered superheroes and their desperate attempts to defeat their worst enemies.


The best website content is identifiable in boxes that resemble the application icons of a smartphone or a tablet. You can easily navigate the site’s innovative and intuitive layout. The applications are currently divided into 6 sections for the Villain part and 6 for the Superhero part. Some content boxes are new websites that could even live very well alone.

The menu bar is the only element that is common to both parts of the website and allows you to access the interactive sections, such as chat rooms, forums, and the Factory, that is the real gem of Superhero Fetish.

This is only a beta version. This journey has just begun and I am sure that together we will contribute to the growth and the enhancement of this website, totally for free, hoping that it will become the new home of all the superheroes and villains in the world.


If you are on this website, it means that since you were little you dreamed of wearing a tight shiny suit, a mask and a cape in order to become a true superhero. That day has finally arrived. Superhero Fetish is the first website that collects the best content on the net and enables you to discover all aspects and facets of how we live the Superhero Fetish in different parts of the world. This website is not for profit and is completely free.




The obsession of the pursuit of beauty using bodies of the new millennium in a modern, engaging and irreverent manner, suitable for the fast and hectic world we live in. A reinvention of pop culture where superheroes are the symbols of our times.




Wearing costumes of our favourite superheroes creates a unique sensation that makes you feel invincible. Go to public events such as festivals, clubs and parties for live moments of fun and frolics and discover the innate desire for freedom.




Superheroes and superheroines have always been collective sexual icons. Statuary bodies in tight shiny lycra costumes represent a crucial aspect for anyone who enjoys this fetish. But there is also a mental aspect that is certainly not secondary: the creation of role-playing games where superheroes and villains fight in an erotic/BDSM way, and reproduce their own world, upsetting the traditional rules of master and slave and giving the superhero his desire for revenge on the injustices and a villain looking for imagination without boundaries.




Love is the most important thing in life, even for superheroes. Each hero struggles for peace and for the good in the world, living his primary life with passion and sharing with his loved ones every aspect of the fetish



Superhero Fetish is completely free


It provides content, photos, videos, updated news. Although economically and psychologically challenging, the website is kept alive through our eagerness to issue updated and high-quality content, always for free. Your donations can help maintaining the site online and allowing the creation of new projects that are currently under construction.


Donations will not offer any extra services on this website


I have decided to share my world with you, and I want it to be always accessible to everyone, everywhere. The spirit of every superhero is to believe in the right to equality and justice. It will not be possible for any wealthy person to access services that someone else cannot. In this website, all users are equal and have access to all sorts of content.


Only those who can really afford it will be able to donate.


When I was younger, I wanted to have a better knowledge of my fetish, but it was impossible. All sites required a subscription that I could not afford to pay monthly. So I decided that my biggest dream was to create not just a simple website, but a house where all the superheroes and villains of the world could finally meet and create a true community.


No invasive advertising


Superhero Fetish does not want to invade your screens with invasive Google Adsense banners. The lack of advertising on this website has no economic profit but aims at providing real services for the website and the community. If you are interested in becoming an official partner of Superhero Fetish, please send an e-mail to


Here is finally Superhero fetish

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