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Superman's Easter Tail


Superman was on his routine patrol through the country on the South side of Metropolis, when he spotted what appeared to be an accident. Superman landed by the ambulance and asked the Police Officer what the problem was. “Apparently Superman there had been a hiking accident up on the mountain and there is no way to access it from here“ said the Officer. Superman said “that is easy enough Officer I will fly up to the top and help the hikers in need and bring them back to you”. Superman took off and in a flash and he failed to hear what the Police Officer said under his breath “Yea Superman, you are the one who will need to be rescued. Superman is on his way” the Police Officer radioed ahead. When Superman got to the top, he was surprised to see a flat grassy field. He saw something moving in the middle of the field and he flew straight to it. He was surprised to see what appeared at first to be a giant rabbit. The closer Superman got, it was clear that this was a man dressed in a bunny costume. The man had a rabbit mask that covered his whole head. He was completely naked except for the white speedo with the puffy bunny tail on the back of his speedo. The giant bunny was carrying a basket of Easter eggs decorated in different colors and patterns. Superman looks at the man dressed as the bunny and says “Is this some sort of sick joke pal.” “No Superman, the joke is going to be on you”. With that said , the giant Bunny throws one of his decorated eggs at Superman which hits him straight in the S insignia of his costume. Superman immediately starts to fill intense pain. “What’s the matter Superman feeling a little weak“ asked the giant Bunny. Superman is slowly feeling pain shooting up and down his body. The bunny throws another egg nailing Superman in the crotch. Superman fall s to both knees. “Yea, Supster these kryptonite filled eggs sure a doing a job on you“ said the giant Bunny. The giant Bunny slowly approaches Superman and starts to rub the jelly like substance into Superman’s costume. Superman can only groan as he is quickly losing his powers. The big bunny continues to massage the jelly substance into his costume and slowly Superman is fading in and out of blackness. Superman can not control the rock hard cock he is sprouting as the bunny continues to massage Superman’s red briefs. Superman is slowly losing consciousness, but he notices the ambulance in the distance. “I thought this area was not accessible to cars ?“ asked Superman. “Well Stupidman, if you would have flown over the entire area you would have saw the road, but being the stupid hero you are you rushed right to my rescue or should I say your doom“ said the giant Bunny. Superman is now totally out. The ambulance pulls up next to Superman and the Bunny. “Excellent” yells the Prankster as he exit’s the drivers side. He orders his men to get the stretcher from the back and to load Superman on it. The men slowly lift Superman up on the stretcher. They then load him into the back of the ambulance where he is followed by the Prankster. The Prankster smiles as he reaches for a syringe filled with a green substance. “You know supster in you weakened condition this will prove no problem to insert in your arm“ said the Prankster. The substance slowly empties into Superman’s body. “Yea Supster this will definitely help you become more open to your gay and animalistic side“ said the laughing Prankster.


 The Prankster then headed back to his hide out with Superman in tow. “Nice of you to join us Supster” said the Prankster. Superman tried to move, but he found he could not. He could see and hear everything, and he could even feel the Prankster rubbing his cock, but he could not move a muscle. Superman’s face suddenly turned to horror as the Prankster had always proved a noble adversary. The Prankster smile at Superman knowing that Superman was in a state of shock at his current predicament. The Prankster said ‘Not to worry Supes, this is just temporary and I have big plans for you. The Prankster started rubbing his hands on Superman’s chest and slowly was working his way to the red briefs. His hands quickly found their target and started massaging Superman’s cock until it was rock hard. “You know Superman, the problem with you heroes is you have nothing better to do then to stop crimes and help others’ Today is the day Supster that your are going to change your ways” said the Prankster. “You see, I have found a way to make sure you are extremely busy that there will simply be no time left from your busy schedule to play the role of Superman. The Prankster slowly pushes a table next to Superman’s stretcher which has a caged jack rabbit in it. Superman could only look at the animal in the cage with curious eyes. “Did you know Supster that the average jack rabbit has sex on average 25 times a day?” asked the Prankster. “My plan Superdunce is to make you so busy masturbating like this jack rabbit, that you will not have time to fight crime. Superman watches as the prankster hangs an IV bag filled with a green substance on the IV stand by his bed. He slowly inserts the IV into superman’s arm. “You see Supster, this is a special formula designed just for you. My scientist have been able to extract the gene that creates the sexual need from this jack rabbit and we have mixed it with a special kryptonite formula which will keep you sexually active and always hard. It will even allow me to implement a few hypotonic suggestions to help you conform to your new life style. Superman could only watch as the contents in the IV was slowly being drained into his body. The process took less than an hour. Superman tried to focus on anything but the IV. He noticed a Superman costume just like his hanging in the corner. He also noticed a giant Easter egg that was 8 feet tall and three feet wide. Superman was quickly brought back to reality when the Prankster started removing Superman’s boots. The Prankster held them up to his nose to take in the musty smell of Superman. The Prankster then told Superman “I have great plans for your costume here”. Superman felt the Prankster grab his belt buckle and undo it. He could feel the belt going through the loops of his red trunks as the Prankster gave it a tug. Next Superman’s cape was removed followed by his shirt. The Prankster marveled at Superman’s rock hard 6 pack abs. Next came the red trunks and then the blue tights. Superman was completely naked now. Prankster’s timing was perfect as the IV was empty at the exact same time Superman’s final piece of his costume was removed. Superman’s cock started growing instantly. The Prankster wheeled a TV next to Superman and hit play on the dvr. Superman watched time after time of various men committing crimes from robbing banks, petty theft, murder, etc. Superman’s demeanor changed as the hour long tape continued. When the DVD was done Superman shot a load all over his super chest. The Prankster laughed and said “Supster apparently you enjoyed the show”. The Prankster then proceeded to collect all of Superman’s cum and placed it in a test tube. Now Supster, I have a present for you. The Prankster motioned one of his men to bring the new Superman costume to him. Superman this is you new costume said the Prankster. The Prankster slowly pulled up the blue tights, followed by the blue shirt with the S insignia. Now Supster, here are your new red briefs with a built in cock ring. You have a nice cock so you might as well show it. The Prankster pulled up the red briefs and laced Superman’s cock through the cock ring. He then placed a tube over superman’s cock. The tube was attached to a bag where he used to hide his costume in his old suit. He then pulled the belt through the loops and fastened the buckle. He then attached the cape to the back of his costume. Superman slowly was able to move and was soon standing at attention.


 Supster, I think there is a crime at the bank you better get there fast. Superman took off without even questioning the Prankster. When Superman got to the bank, he noticed to guys robbing the bank. Superman help us shouted one of the hostages. Superman froze in his tracks and slowly started playing with his rock hard cock. Everyone was stunned to watch Superman masturbating while watching the robbers rob the bank. The robbers only laughed as Superman continued to jack himself off. Superman was soon shooting his load which was collected in the bag. Superman then left and found the next crime scene. The same thing happened over and over and over again. Superman was sexually aroused at the sight of any crime and never stopped them. Later that evening Superman was handing the bag with his super cum to the Prankster. Superman then stripped and climbed into the giant egg. The egg was filled with silly putty which quickly formed a mold around Superman’s body. Superman then was escorted out of the giant egg as something was loaded into it. Four hour later Superman was shocked to see an exact replica of himself coming out of the egg. Excellent yelled the Prankster. The Prankster handed the Superman humanoid Superman’s real costume. Soon the humanoid was the spitting image of Superman. “Now Superman, you will do my bidding” said the Prankster. The Superman humanoid sounded just like the real Superman. The Prankster walked over to the naked Superman and said “If you can’t beat them Supster, you make your own. Superman was powerless to do anything as the kryptonite was still flowing through his veins. The Prankster said there is only one thing left to do now Superman and that is to get you dressed in your fake costume and take care of you for good. As you can see by the headlines on the Metropolis Dailey Planet, the people of Metropolis have grown tired of the gay superhero who likes to masturbate more than he does helping people and fighting crime. The Prankster looked at the Superman humanoid and said get Supster here dressed and ready for his final public act as Superman. Superman was astonished that the Superman humanoid had his powers. At super speed the Superman humanoid was dressing superman. The Prankster handed the superman humanoid a bullet proof vest and said don’t forget this. Soon in front of the Prankster stood two exact copies of Superman.


 Now we will finish the last chapter of your superhero life Supster and you know what to do. Superman had acquired enough of his powers to complete the final act of the Prankster’s script. Superman flies to Metropolis bank and starts to rob the bank. Off on a nearby roof top, the Superman humanoid watches as Superman is playing his role to the T as dictated by the Prankster. Superman now has two bags filled with money. “The time to act is now” said the Superman humanoid. The security guard fires three shots at Superman’s S insignia and is surprised to see that they have tore through his costume. “This guy is a fake” shouts the security guard. The Superman humanoid watches as Superman is running down the back alley behind the bank. The security guard in pursuit. He flies over the security guard and land in front of Superman. “You are coming with me you super crook” said the superman humanoid. The guard says “Thank goodness you caught this fake wan bee Superman’ He is probably the one who has been going around Metropolis trashing your good name by doing those vile acts in public”. “Yes, officer it is clear to me that this is the culprit” said the Superman humanoid. I will take him and the money to the authorities. “Thanks superman said the Officer. The humanoid Superman picked up the real Superman and the money and flew back to the Prankster’s hideout. “Excellent” said the Prankster. “I see you both played your roles perfectly and Supster, I also get to keep this money you are so thoughtful. Superman once again just stood there like a statue. Well all is right in the world now Supster, you have been replaced by my own superman. The Prankster lead Superman to a hug egg. He is now only wearing his red briefs. The Prankster opens the door as he leads Superman to a chair inside the giant egg. He slowly grabs a hose and pulls down Superman’s red briefs. The hose end is attached to Superman’s rock hard cock. “Now Superman this will be your new world in this egg’. ‘You are probably wondering how I pulled this off. Well it was actually you. When you watched the DVD of all of the robberies, I had planted subliminal messages in the tape. All the things that have happened to you were programmed into that Super brain of yours by you. There was no escape once you read them. Now here you are in your new home. This machine will milk you regularly as my humanoid superman is operated by your super cum. I have a monitor here that you will watch. It is programmed a day at a time and you will actually believe you are seeing and doing these things. Superman humanoid had fun playing the hero to make these DVD. Now Superman, I am going to let you live out your new life in the egg. Oh, I will you out only once a year Supster said the Prankster. A year later on Easter, the door to the egg is opened and Superman steps out. The Prankster has Superman get dressed in a fake Superman costume. The only difference is on the back of his red trunks is a white fluffy tail. The Prankster then gives Superman and Easter basket filled with eggs. Now to make you the part, he places an Easter Bunny head over Superman’s. Now Superbunny, get out and deliver these eggs to the kids.

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