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Nefsuits are your personal closet for tight costumes, it would be regretful if you own nothing tights.

We got over 500 collections for full body spandex and shiny metallic suits covered from your head to toe. All suits are self designed and picture shooting. This is a marvelous site that may bring you unimaginable suits and tight feeling you never try.

You can put on Nefsuits in anywhere from a thanksgiving parade to any festival party. Join the group of environmental protest with our Green Suits on. Be the catcher of spot light in a private party with a pattern suit. A kind of stuff never missed in Halloween and Xmas black or red pranks? Or even a vivid mascot representing a local store or a mall event.

Just check Nefsuits facebook page to see how incredible a zentai suits bring to our daily life.

This special note just a tiny piece of us, you would not get to know more about Nefsuits without get a real suit for yourself. Then, just find your Nefsuits and have fun!



Never heard of superhero fetish? Then it's time you met author Pablo Greene, who's leading the genre with his four-book series How to Kill a Superhero. The books tell the story of Roland, who must learn to harness the powers of The Golden Man, whose secrets are found in an occult book by the same name. The series has been dazzling fans of science fiction, gay men's erotica and romance. Author Pablo Greene and the book series have been featured atInternational Mister Leather, Southeast Black and Blue, the Leather Archives & Museum, Dart's Domain, No Safeword ,Between the Covers in NYC, and Ropecast. The first two books are available now, and book three releases in 2015 from Beast Within Books.



Our Superhero Shop offers you the best athletic gear for men for various activities: running, cycling, Crossfit, running, powerlifting,yoga and more. And in good alter-ego fashion, our items double nicely for superhero fetish. Don't worry, we'll keep your secret safe. We also offer autographed copies of Pablo Greene's books, as well as other kink gear. Many items are limited edition and are only available for a short time. We ship world-wide and accept PayPal, Visa, American Express and Master Card.


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