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Superman's Day at the Gym

Thomas had been working at the Gym now for over a year now. He was a closeted gay, who enjoyed watching the muscular men coming in and out. Thomas loved the man in the tight fitting spandex that showed everything that the eyes cared to absorb. The Gym was on the rough side of town, so Thomas had to be careful when going to work. He had been nearly beaten to death one night after he had closed up the gym. There were three of them and they had used his body as a punching bag as they all hurled gay derogatory comments at him. The only thing Thomas could remember about that night was the slur of faggot being used over and over again. Thomas could not identify his attackers as he had suffered acute head trauma from being hit over and over in the head with a lead pipe. This incident had inspired Thomas to work out until he was as buff as the Man of Steel himself, which brings us back to the night of the incident. Thomas said he did not remember anything from that night except what has already been said, but that was not true. You see, Thomas remembers crying out for help and seeing Superman fly right by. Superman did not even flinch as he kept going. Thomas' heart sank as the Man of Steel who Thomas had admired for his whole life, had abandon him, leaving him to fight off three men who darn near killed him. Thomas would later read in a newspaper about how the heroic Superman saved a woman just two blocks away from a would be mugger. There was also a picture of the ever beaming Superman for doing yet another good deed. Mean while on page 42 there was a small article about a man who was nearly beaten to death. Every since that day that changed Thomas' life, Thomas had proclaimed he would get vengeance on the Man of Steel and the day had finally come. 

The morning started out as any other for Superman. You know saving the little old lady, stopping the bank robbers, the public speeches, etc. Superman did it all! He loved being at the center of attention. This day would end quite differently. The Gym was going to be closing in an hour and Thomas had arranged for Stu to watch the front desk as he had a few errands to run. Stu had a crush on Thomas and Thomas would be using that to his advantage. Thomas had checked and double checked everything in the Gym before leaving. He also made sure the sign "Only Speedos allowed" was up as he left the Gym. Thomas then proceeded to go to the nearest pay phone about two block away and call Jimmy Olsen at the Dailey Planet. Thomas told Jimmy he had a hot news item on Superman and that he would only tell Jimmy. Jimmy headed to a back alley by where Thomas had made the call and told Jimmy to meet him. Jimmy was pretty nervous as he was walking in the alley. He heard a piece of glass break behind him as he started to turn, he was hit in the head with a bat. Thomas looked at the passed out Jimmy and laughed. "You know Jimmy. I could never have carried out my plan with out you. Thomas rolled up Jimmy's shirt sleeve when he said "BINGO" as he removed Jimmy's watch. Thomas put the watch on and then tied Jimmy up and threw him in a dumpster. Thomas then headed back to the Gym. 

When Thomas got back to the Gym, he told Stu that Superman had decided to visit the Gym and that he was to make sure he was treated like any other guest. Thomas pointed to the sign that said Speedos only and said make sure you enforce the dress code. Stu looked at Thomas and said OK? with a strange look on his face. Oh, and by the way if Superman says he doesn't have a Speedo, there are some I found in the locker room in the box next to your desk. Let superman pick one. Thomas then headed to the locker rooms. Thomas once there activated Jimmy's watch and with 20 seconds Superman was walking in the front doors of the Gym. Superman approached the desk and told Stu that he was here to check on his friend as he thought he was in trouble. Superman started to walk past the desk as Stu yelled "Hey Superman, can't you read the sign?" Superman looked at the sign and said are you kidding me. No superman, you are no different than anyone else to get in you must wear a Speedo. Superman protested and said, but I don't have a Speedo. Stu looked at Superman and said "Well Superman, there are some here in this box we found in the locker room and you can borrow one of these. Superman said "I guess I don't have a choice. 
Superman went through the box and found a green one, a blue one, a black one, and a red one. All of them except the red one appeared to be to small, so he chose the red one. Stu pointed to the bathroom where Superman could change. Within seconds, Superman was sporting the perfectly fitted Speedo. The speedo clearly outlined his cock. Superman was carrying his costume and his boots. Superman you can leave the costume with me. Superman left the costume with Stu. He then went walking through the Gym looking for Jimmy. Meanwhile, Thomas headed to the front and told Stu to go on home and he would clean the Gym and lock up. Stu started to protest, but to no avail as Thomas was escorting Stu out the front door and locking up as he left.


Thomas then headed to the office where Stu had neatly folded the Man of Steel's costume. Thomas picked up the costume and headed to the locker rooms. Thomas went to check on Jimmy who was now tied up and in a giant dunk tank like you see out the fair. The tank was slowly filling up with water. Thomas had timed how long it would take before the tank would fill completely with water and how long it would take for Jimmy to drown with no air. Thomas had figured it would take around two hours which was long enough for him to have some fun with the Man of Steel. Thomas made sure to allow Jimmy every chance to scream for help, so Superman could rescue him. Superman was starting to feel a little different. Things were sorta out of focus. Superman could hear Jimmy's cries for help and was starting to take a turn down a long hall way when Thomas popped out of an office and stopped him. Thomas could only stand in front of the Man of Steel in total awe. There stood the 6'3" Man of Steel with his rock hard abs wearing only the low cut red speed. The chest hairs and the bushy hair revealed by the low cut speedo was almost enough to send him over the edge. Thomas said "Welcome Superman, Stu told me you were here to tour the Gym because you were thinking of joining" said Thomas. Superman looked in disbelief and said "Actually, I am here to save my friend Jim...Jim. Superman was finding it harder to focus. I must ..... uhhh...Superman you must take that tour let's get started show we! Superman found himself actually saying yes even though he knew Jimmy was in trouble. Thomas lead Superman to a room where all the walls were covered with mirrors. Superman this room is where all of our body builders work on their poses for competitions. Superman could not help but notice his rock hard cock which was tenting his ever revealing red speedo. Superman still having issues focusing started to cover the front of his speedo with his hands when Thomas said Superman give me a double bi pose. Superman instantly shot his arms up in the air and was showing all his muscles. Superman could not keep his eyes off the mirrors and started posing on his own. Thomas could only laugh as it was like Superman was in his own world. Thomas took out a camera and started taking pictures. Superman was eating out of Thomas's hands. Superman could hear Jimmy's scream for help, but he knew he had plenty of time after all he was Superman. Thomas pulled out a bottle of baby oil and started rubbing down the Man of Steel. Superman just stood there enjoying the rub down he was receiving. Thomas stood right behind the Man of Steel rubbing his cock against Superman's ass and Superman just stood there . Thomas then pulled open the front of Superman's Speedo and sprayed the oil down the front of his speedo. Thomas was massaging down the cock of Steel and still no reaction from the Man of Steel except an occasional moan of ecstasy. Thomas then continued taking pictures of Superman. Superman now seemed to be in a total daze. This went on for a half an hour before Thomas decided it was time to move on. 

Thomas and Superman than headed to the treadmills. Thomas pointed to a special treadmill and ordered Superman on it. Superman complied while hearing Jimmy still crying for help. Superman got on the tread mill and was followed by Thomas. Thomas once again was rubbing his rock hard cock up against Superman's ass. Superman was finding this totally erotic, but he had know idea why. Thomas then pulled out a cable from the monitor and pulled down the front of Superman's speedo. Thomas then fastened the cylinder around Superman's rock hard cock. He then pulled up Superman's speedo. "Now Superman, this is going to test your endurance. If this special treadmill goes less than 50 miles an hour, you will experience an electronic jolt which will be extremely painful for even you Superman. As the electronic shocks will be coming from your own energy. After every shock your super cock there will explode with a super eruption. Let's begin Superman. Superman still finding it more and more difficult to focus was soon sprinting on the treadmill. Superman went on for about 20 minutes before the treadmill hit 49mph. Superman screamed out in pain as he was on the receiving end of his own super powers. He also shot out a load of Super cum which filled his red speedo and was oozing out. Superman started running again but he only lasted four more minutes before shock two and another super load of cum. The cum was slowly covering the treadmill and soon Superman was being blasted almost every 20 seconds as he could not run anymore on the cum covered tread mill. Eventually Superman was laying face down in his own cum on the tread mill. Thomas watched with joy as the treadmill continued to shock Superman even after he was unconscious. Thomas slowly undid the cock cylinder and went and got a laundry cart. He picked up Superman and threw him in as they headed to the jacuzzi. 

Superman had been out for about five minutes. He could still hear Jimmy's call for help, but they were getting fainter. Thomas had sat Superman in a chair by the jacuzzi. Now Superman, I figured since your workout you must be a little sore, so I decided we should take a break and relax. Superman was so stiff and sore that he could hardly walk, so Thomas helped him into the jacuzzi. Superman could feel the soothing waters and it felt good. Thomas was sitting next to Superman and enjoying what was happening to Superman. Thomas slowly reached his hand down the front of Superman's red speedo and started massaging the cock of steel. Superman continued to moan with approval. Thomas slowly nippled on Superman's ear. This went on for about 20 minutes when Thomas said it was time to move on to the steam rooms. Superman could not help but noticed that his masculine chest hairs as well as his pubic hairs were all gone. The only hair he had was on his head. He also noticed that he was extremely weak and still could not focus. 

When Thomas got Superman to the steam room, Superman was completely out of it. He could still hear Jimmy but barely. Thomas could only smile knowing that while Superman was having fun Jimmy would soon be dead and Superman could have saved him. Superman and Thomas entered the steam room. There was a sweat smell in the air Superman thought. Superman continued to breath in the pleasant smelling vapors. Superman was slowly laying on the bench working the cock of steel through his speedo. Superman was soon shooting his load at the exact moment Jimmy Olsen took his last breath. One was a moment of pleasure the other a moment of tragedy. Superman was in total bliss to even notice or care, but that was about to change. Thomas took the now mind dead Superman to where Jimmy was. Superman, here is your friend Jimmy who is now dead. You had every opportunity to save him and you didn't. You were to busy having fun. Superman could not believe what he saw. He wanted to lash out at Thomas, but he couldn't it. He had no control of his body or mind. Thomas was letting Superman feel this pain on purpose. Now Superman, you know what pain feels like, but I am not done with you yet. You will suffer even more when I am done. Superman was unable to move on his own, so Thomas put him in a wheel chair and wheeled him to the salon. He then took a bottle of peroxide and dumped it on Superman's hair. Within minutes Superman had blond hair. Thomas then took a pair of scissors and gave Superman a butch haircut. Superman could do nothing as he had a blank expression on his face. 

Superman, you will no longer be the Man of Steel! The world does not need a pathetic man like you who allows his best friend to die with out even helping. No, you will become Superfag!! Your purpose will be to help only gay men in any way you can. You will only focus on gay crime. You will serve only me! You have given me this watch which you will respond to right away. Superman can only watch as Thomas slowly removes his robe to reveal that he is wearing Superman's costume. You See Superfag, I am now the one and only Superman. Thomas walks over to his closet and comes back with a costume. This Superfag is your new costume. He pulls out a diamond studded earring and places it in Superman's ear. He then places a spiked dog collar around his neck. Next came the cock ring followed by the butt plug. Then Thomas hands Superfag a pair of pink tights which he is ordered to put on. He then places the pink shirt with a SF emblem resembling his old Superman emblem. He is then given a pair of rainbow striped trunks with a utility belt. the last item is a rainbow covered cape. Superman can do nothing as his brain is processing this information. Thomas laughs at the the new Superman. Superfag definitely has no dignity left. Now Superfag, I think I should tell you, you will be forced to fight crimes without your powers for now. As you need to see what it feels like to be a gay man and be ridiculed. Now for the special interview, you and I will do together for all of Metropolis. 

Hi I am Superman said Thomas dressed as Superman and this is my lover Superfag. Superfag then started addressing the crowd. Hi everyone! It is me Superfag formerly known as Superman. I am here today to let you all know that I was living a lie. I am and have always been gay. I will no longer wear the costume that my lover Thomas is wearing after all he is more of a superman than me. Thomas has shown me that it is OK to be who I am. I am currently working on a formula that will allow me to transfer all my powers to Thomas. He will become the icon for truth justice and the American way while I continue to explore my new identity and lifestyle. Thomas or I should say the new Superman has taken away my powers, so I can fight crime like an ordinary citizen. Superman could not believe that he had just placed a target on his back for all of his arch enemies. I will explore the streets by foot and what everyone to know that I will not stand for violence on the streets. Thomas interrupts Superfag and takes over. You can now see Metropolis that there is a new Superman in town and I will take all cases for the right price. Superfag, here will be available for contracted out services as well. Superfag is then ordered on his knees and starts kissing Superman's red boots. 

It had been months since Superman had finally tranferred all his powers to Thomas. Thomas was rolling in the cash between his Superman for hire gig and his added bonus of pimping out Superfag. Thomas never allowed Superfag to remove his costume, so he was always ready for work. Superfag had sucked so much cock that he seemed to like his new role. No more having to save the world the only thing he had to do was keep his master happy. Every night, Superfag would come home to be with the new Superman. He would pull the hundred dollar bills from his trunks and give them to Thomas. He then would then get on his knees and suck the new cock of steel off. Such would be the new life of out former hero. 

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