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The board game

Batman and Robin transformed into human pawns? Holy humiliation!!! but it is the only way they have to save Batgirl! A board game where the villain will compete by rolling dice and the dynamic duo will move along the path. Each box hides a torture, a humiliation or a death trap! Help to fill out all fields with punishment in the comments.

The best yahoo group devoted to the perilous exploits and Batman and his friends.

1 -  Take a pose as proud hero


2 -  Perform 50 push ups


3 -  Dance to whatever music is available for 5  minutes. 


4 - The villain spit on the face of the superhero


5 - Swallow a blue pill  of viagra


6 - Drink a beer in three minutes


7 - POISON IVY Death Trap: Tied at a table and covered with worms, spiders and snakes


8 - The box is covered with glue and your feet are glued: stop 3 rounds


9 - Every villain  lick your face


10 - 10 spanks with bare hands


11 - The superhero is tied streched to a target and the villain will compete throwing 100 eggs on him


12 - Pretty girls and handsome boys caress and warm superhero for 10 minutes 


13 - Sings silly songs proposed by villain


14 -  Eat a could pizza


15 - DEATH TRAP: tied in a base of a pizza dough, coated with the ingredients (tomato, mozzarella and vegetables, oil) and placed in an oven that warms slowly


16 - Eat a hot pizza


17 -  Wear a schoolgirl outfit over your costume, stop 1 turn while  villains  photograph you


18 -  Every villain has to kiss on your mouth


19 - DEATH TRAP: eaten alive by a giant clam


20 - BIRD CAGE: rests for 4 hours


21 -  Back at the start!


22 - DEATH TRAP: slowly sinking in quicksand cake


23 - 10 slaps in the face


24 - Roll the dice and make a step backwards


25 -  50 spanks 


26 - DEATH TRAP:  tied in a large cup. of hot coffee slowly falls on you


27 - Take a hot coffee


28 - licking feet in one of the villain


29 - Simulate an orgasm


30 - JOLLY: wear your utility belt for next 5 roll of the dice 

31 - RIDDLER’s Trap: Quiz show. subjected to a difficult riddle quiz. For each wrong answer, a punishment


32 - Your feet sink into the concrete: jumps 3 rounds


33 - Breath laughing gas


34 - Villains spit on your face


35 - Changes place with the pawn farthest from you


36 - Eat a slice of pie


37 - Every villain slams a pie in your face


38 - Wear the Batgirl costume and keep it for the next 3 throws of dice


39 - Spits in the air 10 times, dropping the spittle on your face


40 -  CAGE: all the pawns have to stop the game and be locked in the same narrow cage: at the end of rest every pawn must reach the box that left the last time 


41 - eat a portion of fries and drink a could coke


42 - DEATH TRAP: covered with margarine and butter you're tied on a grid under the blazing sun


43 - Piss on yourself, under your costume

44 - Kiss with the tongue all the other pawns of the board game


45 - Roll the dice 2 times and go back


46 - DEATH TRAP: The hero is tied ina a box full of carnivorous plants


47 -  JOLLY: wear your utility belt for next 5 roll of the dice


48 - Itching powder in your costume


49 - 30 punches in the stomach


50 - DEATH TRAP: Tied on a conveyor belt where the end of it there is a big electric saw ready to cut you in two


51 - Dancing in a sexy way


52 - PENGUIN’s TRAP: remains closed for three rounds tied in a basket of rotten fish


53 - 15 kicked in the balls


54 - Green sticky slime falls on you


55 - Totally mummified and stimulated with vibrant scepters : stop 3 turns


56 - Every Villain piss on you


57 - Roll the die five times, if you're not 6, back at the start and begins again the path using 2 dices for all the game


58 - DEATH TRAP: trapped into a giant Hourglass


59 - Receive a relaxing massage by one of the other pawn: stop 2 turns


60 - drink a glass of wine: Stop 1 turn


61 - DEATH TRAP: The wheel of the misfortune. Tied on a giant wheel where there are 12 boxes! the villain will share and insert the options (traps or punischments) to be included in the wheel boxes. One box will allow the hero to save himself


62 - Wear your utility belt and…. take a step back


63 - CATWOMAN’s TRAP: tied in a cat litter


64 - Wear a dog mask and eats dry food from the bowl, behaving like a real dog


65 - THE MAGIC BOX: Stop 5 rounds: loked in a plexiglass box, each villain at every turn in the box can pour everything he wants (food, worms, junk, sticky or crappy stuff)


66 - All pawns reach this box and eat happily together. After the meal everyone will resume play from this box


67 - All pawns reach this box. All villains do wear a chef's outfit and trasform their chosen pawn  their  favorite dishes following a precise recipe. After the trap, everyone will resume play from this box 


68 - All pawns reach this box. They must realize an orgy


69 - JOKER’s TRAP: all other pawns must reach this box and be tied to an electric chair. The hero has to play with a slot machine until it will come out 3 batgirl's logo to save the superheroine in peril. but if the machine come out 3 lemons .. all pawns will die electrocuted. every time the slot machine will indicate different symbols, each villain may give a punishment chosen on each pawn


70 - If you're on this box you are eliminated from the game. tied and auctioned at the disposal of villains. The villain who wins the hero can kill him or use him as his slave


71 - Batgirl is safe. YOU WIN! all the villains are under arrest and taken to jail


was 1966 when William dozer brought to the small screen a television series that revolutionized an era. Batman bursts into the scene giving life to the artistic movement of Pop Art, with its bright colors, irony in the surrealism and sensuality never seen before. Adam West and Burt Ward perfectly interpret Batman and Robin creating a new world that marked the childhood of children across the world. 


Of course many people can't understand why a TV Show in the 60`s can satisfy you. Lets say it clear the Batman show, was a BDSM show. What it makes special are the sexy costume, the extremly campy style and the comedy style. It is also very unlogic, quirky and unrealistic. But that gives you a new way of eroticfantasys. Why so serious? Why don't create the fetish in a way like the classic batman show. The Fetish is so much more intelligent as the hollow black BDSM. There are much scary erotic fetish, where you can say that the Batfetish ( Superherofetish) is much more intelligent, stylish and class of its own. The problem is we are no VIPS or industrie who realise the enormous potential of this fetish. But when the erotic industrie would realise it, our way of erotic would extremly grow. Because it shows the erotic fetish in a way where the most people never thought.






New incredible stories. A new season inspired by the old Batman TV series. 49 years after Batman returns to excite yet. New perils for our heroes in exciting stories


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