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The board game

Batman and Robin transformed into human pawns? Holy humiliation!!! but it is the only way they have to save Batgirl! A board game where the villain will compete by rolling dice and the dynamic duo will move along the path. Each box hides a torture, a humiliation or a death trap! Help to fill out all fields with punishment in the comments.

The best yahoo group devoted to the perilous exploits and Batman and his friends.

1 -  Take a pose as proud hero


2 -  Perform 50 push ups


3 -  Dance to whatever music is available for 5  minutes. 


4 - The villain spit on the face of the superhero


5 - Swallow a blue pill  of viagra


6 - Drink a beer in three minutes


7 - POISON IVY Death Trap: Tied at a table and covered with worms, spiders and snakes


8 - The box is covered with glue and your feet are glued: stop 3 rounds


9 - Every villain  lick your face


10 - 10 spanks with bare hands


11 - The superhero is tied streched to a target and the villain will compete throwing 100 eggs on him


12 - Pretty girls and handsome boys caress and warm superhero for 10 minutes 


13 - Sings silly songs proposed by villain


14 -  Eat a could pizza


15 - DEATH TRAP: tied in a base of a pizza dough, coated with the ingredients (tomato, mozzarella and vegetables, oil) and placed in an oven that warms slowly


16 - Eat a hot pizza


17 -  Wear a schoolgirl outfit over your costume, stop 1 turn while  villains  photograph you


18 -  Every villain has to kiss on your mouth


19 - DEATH TRAP: eaten alive by a giant clam


20 - BIRD CAGE: rests for 4 hours


21 -  Back at the start!


22 - DEATH TRAP: slowly sinking in quicksand cake


23 - 10 slaps in the face


24 - Roll the dice and make a step backwards


25 -  50 spanks 


26 - DEATH TRAP:  tied in a large cup. of hot coffee slowly falls on you


27 - Take a hot coffee


28 - licking feet in one of the villain


29 - Simulate an orgasm


30 - JOLLY: wear your utility belt for next 5 roll of the dice 

31 - RIDDLER’s Trap: Quiz show. subjected to a difficult riddle quiz. For each wrong answer, a punishment


32 - Your feet sink into the concrete: jumps 3 rounds


33 - Breath laughing gas


34 - Villains spit on your face


35 - Changes place with the pawn farthest from you


36 - Eat a slice of pie


37 - Every villain slams a pie in your face


38 - Wear the Batgirl costume and keep it for the next 3 throws of dice


39 - Spits in the air 10 times, dropping the spittle on your face


40 -  CAGE: all the pawns have to stop the game and be locked in the same narrow cage: at the end of rest every pawn must reach the box that left the last time 


41 - eat a portion of fries and drink a could coke


42 - DEATH TRAP: covered with margarine and butter you're tied on a grid under the blazing sun


43 - Piss on yourself, under your costume

44 - Kiss with the tongue all the other pawns of the board game


45 - Roll the dice 2 times and go back