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For months, Superman has been hearing increasingly worrisome rumors about a growing cult forming in Metropolis. The leader is called Emperor Erik or Superboy Erik or Master to his followers. Today, however, the Man of Steel noticed a full-page ad in the newspaper saying there was going to be a mandatory meeting of all of Emperor Erik’s followers at the Metropolis Stadium. This was too brazen for Superman to ignore. Putting on his trademark supersuit, he flew to the stadium and hovered high above the crowd. When he arrived he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The stadium was completely filled! All of the seats were taken and most of the standing room was filled with people trying to squeeze in as the line outside the stadium was still growing. The noise from the crowd was impressive. That was until a red and blue blur whizzed by and dropped into the center of the stadium with a loud boom. The crowd was immediately silent. Despite the packed stadium, you could hear a pin drop. Using his super-vision Superman took a look at the man responsible. There was a bald young man, medium height, respectable physique, in a lycra suit that resembled his own but with a more youthful style and tall, heavy black boots. All eyes, including Superman’s, were glued to this man.

Superman assumed this was Emperor Erik. He strutted around the center of the stadium, his boots making an audible thud with every step that made the crowd members flinch. Finally he spoke in a booming voice that shook the crowd to its core: “Welcome slaves. You all know you are not worthy to be in my presence, but I am a kind God and thought I’d put on a little show for you today.” The crowd erupted into cheers, many people tearing up with joy. Emperor Erik raised his hand and the crowd fell immediately silent. “We have a guest here tonight. Don’t we, Superman.” He lifted his head and stared right at the Man of Steel. Superman’s eyes bulged with surprise that his adversary knew his whereabouts.

Not wanting to look surprised, Superman immediately flew down to the stadium. Upon closer inspection, this Emperor Erik was more handsome than originally thought. Superman don’t even realize he was staring until Erik spoke, “So, Superbitch, we finally meet.” He circled, showing no fear. Superman was about to speak when Superboy interrupted, “I’m going to give you a one-time deal. I want to show all of my slaves here that you are nothing compared to me. I mean, look at me.” Superman looked around at the crowd, staring at their master. “LOOK AT ME!!!” Emperor Erik yelled and the Man of Steel immediately turned to face him. His knees trembling. Superboy continued, “I’m clearly superior to you in every way, and we both know it. What I want you to do is to get on your knees and kiss my boots.” Superman looked at this young man in shock. Surely he didn’t think America’s hero would do this, but before he could say no, Erik interrupted, “Or we can do this the hard way. You have 30 seconds to decide.”

Superman stared at Emperor Erik who casually put his hands behind his head, almost yawning. Looking for an imperfection on this man, Superman used his super-vision, but couldn’t find one. Erik paced around, smiling and cocky. He put a big boot up on the stadium rail and his slaves almost drooled at the sight. He turned back toward Superman and said, “Time’s up!” Superman barely even remembered he was on the clock and stammered, “I, uh, no, I mean, I won’t.”

“Have it your way, Superpunk. But first, KNEEL!!!” The entire crowd fell to its knees and Superman found his body wanting to comply, but he managed to remain standing. He blinked and Emperor Erik was gone! Suddenly he felt Superboy’s powerful arms lifting up under his and wrapping his hands behind Superman’s neck. He said, “I’ve been watching some of your American pro wrestling and I learned a move that I call the Superboy Special.” The Man of Steel tried to flex out of the full nelson, but couldn’t break free! His heart was racing. He could feel Emperor Erik staring to float off the ground lifting him off his feet. Superman’s boots dangled in the air, held up by Erik who slowly lowered his victim while floating forward forcing Superman’s body onto his stomach with Emperor Erik sitting on his lower back: it’s a camel clutch! The pain in Superman’s back was unbearable! Unlike anything he’d ever felt. Master Erik calmly asked, “Have you changed your mind about kissing my boots?” Superman weakly nodded and said yes, but Master Superboy had other ideas, “Too bad, that offer is rescinded!” Superman’s eyes bulged with fear as he felt a lycra-clad arm wrap around his neck, cutting off the blood supply to his brain. “Time for a nap, Superbitch!” Superman’s vision slowly went dark.

Superman immediately slipped into a dream. In it, Superboy Erik sat on a throne, looking like a god. Superman stared up at him in awe. Superman begged to let him serve Erik, but Erik paid no mind from high on his throne. Superman wanted to fly up to him and beg to serve, but couldn’t move. Superman looked down to see that he was wearing Master Erik’s big black boots. They were so heavy, he couldn’t move. He struggled to escape, but couldn’t. He realized his inability to serve Master Erik was his nightmare.

Superman suddenly woke up to see Erik towering over him. “Did you dream of me, Superbitch?” He smiled and motioned to the crowd, “Everyone dreams of me after they lay eyes on me. It’s OK, Superbitch, you are so inferior to me that it must be difficult to look upon my perfection.” Superman was completely stunned. 

Erik continued, “I can defeat you in any number of ways, but i assume you’ll submit now. Right?” Suddenly his big boot slamed down on Superman’s chest and the air rushed from his lungs. Without thinking he weakly managed to say, “I submit.”

“HAHAHAHA!! The great Superbitch submits! Now it’s time for that deal we made.” Superman began to lower his head to his new Master’s boots, but Superboy Erik stopped him, “No no no, the deal has changed. First you must lift my royal boot.” Superman looked up in shock only to look straight into Erik’s eyes bearing down on him. Superman’s body shuddered as he reach for Master Erik’s boot. He lifted the heavy boot to his face unable to resist their pull. Superman barely realized that he was on his knees in front of this godlike man.

“Now kiss your King’s boots, slave!” Superman didn’t even hesitate at the fact that Erik called him “slave.” Getting a close up look at his Master’s boots, Superman couldn’t deny that they looked perfect on him. “Now kiss them, Superpunk! You know you want to.” Superman looked down and found himself drawn to them. He lowered his head, and soon his lips touched Master Erik’s boots and Superman’s body and mind completely gave in. Superman realized that this was where he belonged. He find himself licking Master Erik’s boots uncontrollably.

Superman was in a trance of ecstasy when Superboy suddenly pulled his foot away. Superman started to crawl towards him, when Erik stopped him saying, “You aren’t worthy to kiss my boots, are you Superpunk?” The ex-hero looked up and shook his head no. “but you want to serve me more than anything, don’t you?” “Yes” Superman replied. Superboy looked unhappy, “Yes, what.” Superman looked panicked, wanting to answer correctly, “Yes Sir!”

“You will refer to me as your Lord, God, Master, King, and Ruler.” Superman nodded in agreement. “Now beg to kiss my royal boots!”

Superman began to recite his plea to serve his Master, “Please, Master Superboy, my Lord, God, Master, King, and Ruler. I beg to service your royal boots.” As he said this, a smile grew on Master’s face and Superman realized that he will forever be enslaved. All other thoughts beside his King have disappeared. Superman joined the crowd as it chanted in unison, “All hail, Master Superboy! All hail, Emperor Erik!”

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