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What is a Zentai

The zentai or zenshin taitsu (literally, covering the whole body) has its origins in Japan. It is the artist and photographer Marcy Anarchy which is the cause of this movement. 


The zentai is usually made ​​of nylon and 80% spandex else. This is a very soft and comfortable material that perfectly follow the curves of the body aims. There are also numerous derivatives. Some have a brighter "Metallic" effect (or wetlook). Others are more like velvet. One can also find combinations made in vinyl / PVC or latex. 


The zentai is also related to fetishism second skin. The fetishist will seek to cover his entire body, not just for the feel of her dress, but also the appearance it will give him. There are several types and topics zentai, all different colors and fabrics.


Zentai Play

Zentai Sensations

Spandex Party

Zentai Art


Zentai is a lifestyle

Zentai Bondage

Zentai superhero takes more to disguise the zentai itself. Who does not dream of being a superhero? With this kind of zentai, it becomes possible. These combinations faithfully repeat the famous superhero outfits. The most prominent being that of Spider-man. But there are also zentaïs Batman, Robin, Venom, Captain America, Iron-man, deadpool, power rangers ... you name it! Besides the numerous derivatives that can be found! (Black and Yellow Spide-man, for example).


Super heroes portrayed in comics, cartoons and films not only illustrate our ideals about ‘good versus evil’ but also emphasizes a lot on characterization, personal development, teamwork and triumph over adversity. Beyond the fanta