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What is Superhero Factory

Welcome to Superhero Factory. This is a special video section which aims to satisfy the desires of any fan of this genre. In normal pay sites you are required to sign a registration where the contents are probably the most of your expectations. Superhero Factory enables you to see done your deepest fantasies. You will absolutely create stories or situations. You will vote the videos, with crowdfunding, will be built with professional equipment and will then be available for free to all.


A real factory of ideas and creativity where we realize your wildest erotic fantasies



  • In this first section you will find a specific forum where all users can meet and create stories collectively. You can write drafts of your history and compare it with other users.

  • When the group or an individual decides that his story has reached the conclusion, upload history in fromato word. or Pdf. for making it available to all.




  • In this section you find the list of models available to participate in the realization of your video. In their card will be described their physical characteristics, the country of origin, superhero costumes at their disposal. Will also indicate their preferences of their Fetish, what they love and what they don't like.

  • With a vote will need to enter your preference on the model you prefer for each video trying to enter those who might be better suited to your video.

  • The model that will win the vote will decide whether or not to accept your request for participation. In this case the authority will be made for the second place in the vote, and so on.

  • The remuneration of the models varies depending on the services provided in the video and are under contract from time to time between the staff and the model. The model can take to increase the compensation only if the story to realize there are situations that are not included in your preferences. (which is why it is important to select good models for every type of history to keep the costs of production).





  • When the stories are completed. The staff will select the stories and perform an estimate of the construction costs of the video (of course more complex and the subject will be the most expensive video).

  • Next to each story will be approved created a data sheet with everything you need that requires the making of the video with the associated costs.

  • Next to the list of your stories there will be a button PayPall and a colored bar indicates the percentage of the budget increase with your donations, up to the total set budget. When the bar is completely colored red and the indicator will mark the 100%, it means that the goal was raggiundo and your history will soon be realized.



  • At achievement of budget staff will carry out the second video production time and faithfully reflect your story.

  • In this section, the videos will be available uploaed and free, unlimited number of views, to all registered users of the website









Are you tired of paying subscriptions to websites for content that does not satisfy you? 

Superhero Factory enables you to commission unpublished video and photos to your liking. A team of experienced photographers. videomaker and models will achieve any type of your desire on the superhero fetish.


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