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Hi Dr X. I have a small problem that is causing me a lot of embarrassment. As an enthusiastic sidekick, i spend most evenings persuing criminals with my mentor & keeping our society safe from the villains evil schemes. I am very happy with my role & enjoy my work. My problem is with my crimefighting costume that im required to wear. Dont get me wrong, i love the tight, clinging bright materials but its the tights that are causing me problems. For as long as i can remember i have had a strong nylon fetish & nothing gets me more excited than wearing ladies tights & pantyhose. This is causing me uncontrolable, embarrassing bulges while im on duty. Having not been blessed in the hero department, this has been great amusement for the villains im confronting. I feel im losing respect among the cities underworld. Can you help Dr X? Thank you. B.Wonderbrat.

Dear Wonderbrat,

Ah the issues of having a fabric fetish which is one basis for many superhero fetish scenarios. Unfortunately you are somewhat stuck in this regard, in order to stop being aroused by your tights would need ongoing psychological therapy that would most likely fail anyways. Sometimes hypnosis has been used in certain aspects to change a habit but that doesn't always work. I would recommend using a garment to hide your excitement, anything from a dancebelt to a cup, if you don't want to change your fetish that is. Also look at it as a distraction from the villains, while they look at you, you can at least surprise them and kick ass. Hope this helps, Wonderbrat.

Doc X

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