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Dear Dr. X

I have grown from superboy and become young superman.

however, my cock has grown as well. thus, it made an obvious bulge in my red briefs

Recently,,My bulge becomes a serious problem for me since my enemies begin to realize it

some of gangsters and robber bank jerked my bulge when I was confronting them.

and the biggest problem is they are trying to defeat me by attacking my bulge.

I am not kidding,,it was happened last week,,here is my story :

I pursued the robber bank to the subway,, as usual I handled him easyly in no time. yet, he grab a hand of sand and throw it to my face

I was shocked and closed my eyes, but the robber bank immediately kick my bulging red briefs,,

I moaning in pain,,unfortunately, I punish him,,he has lift my body and throw my body to speeding train,,I didn't have time to dodge and being strucked and run over by train

I got severe damage and barely unconscious,,

Unluckyly, the robber bank haven't finished with me,,and there were only me and him,,Polices seems lazy because they think I will capture the robber bank easyly and hand him to them as usual

he jerk me,,strip me from my costume, and rape me until I my consciousness totally lost,,

Bad luck for me,,this scene was recorded by CCTV Camera,,and media have spread and broadcasted the news to the entire world,,

I am sure you already know this news,,

I just want to consult with you,,

May I stop to become superman??

I get heavy depression because of this accident,,I don't have any confidence as superhero anymore

In addition,,as you know,,a lot of gangsters and robber bank already express their desire to rape me because of my handsome face and my perfect body

I am afraid they will hunt me down,,

it's true that already destroy all kryptonite on the earth,,thus normal earth villain will have no way to defeat me

However,,last week incident have proved it,,normal man still can defeat me if they think and act fast

Please Dr X,,I need your consideration,,may I stop to become superman?


royed young superman-

When something traumatic happens the mind will find any way to protect one's self. Unfortunately when we are confronted with a weakness either physically or mentally we have to evaluate how we respond. For us sometimes we have to stop doing something that put's us or others in danger. No one can tell you what to do, but if your safety is jeopardized then a break is needed to refocus and plan ahead. Maybe not a permanent retirement maybe a long vacation is needed

Dr. X

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