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I received my M.D. and my PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While in Israel I developed a 'specialty' for couple therapy along with the human nature of sexual desires. 


When one talks about fetishes especially role-play, generally it is met with a stigma of being unnatural. When it comes to being unnatural this is a falsehood. Everyone on earth that is sexually active has certain 'turn-ons'. Things that drive us to psychologically and physically become aroused. This is completely natural, and roleplaying is another natural turn on for us. 


When it comes to roleplaying it opens up a gateway to many things, one is it allows us to become someone else. We get to step out of the norms and allow us to be someone we either desire or the other person that we are having sexual relations with desires. Superhero role-play and it's fetish is just an offspring of desires that have many factors. For many of us it's the spandex or costume, for others its the story line of the hero either saving someone or being trapped by a villain and the hero being forced to give into those desires that they do not normally talk about. 


When it comes to Role-play there are going to be questions and hopefully we can answer them here. There is no wrong question or anything to be embarrassed about. If you are visiting this website feel welcome, and also be courageous enough to ask questions about the diverse sexual universe you are entering. 




June 19, 2015


Dear Dr. X


I have grown from superboy and become young superman. 

however, my cock has grown as well. thus, it made an obvious bulge in my red briefs

Recently,,My bulge becomes a serious problem for me since my enemies begin to realize it

some of gangsters and robber bank jerked my bulge when I was confronting them.


and the biggest problem is they are trying to defeat me by attacking my bulge.

I am not kidding,,it was happened last week,,here is my story :


I pursued the robber bank to the subway,, as usual I handled him easyly in no time. yet, he grab a hand of sand and throw it to my face

I was shocked and closed my eyes, but the robber bank immediately kick my bulging red briefs,,

I moaning in pain,,unfortunately, I punish him,,he has lift my body and throw my body to speeding train,,I didn't have time to dodge and being strucked and run over by train


I got severe damage and barely unconscious,,

Unluckyly, the robber bank haven't finished with me,,and there were only me and him,,Polices seems lazy because they think I will capture the robber bank easyly and hand him to them as usual

he jerk me,,strip me from my costume, and rape me until I my consciousness totally lost,,


Bad luck for me,,this scene was recorded by CCTV Camera,,and media have spread and broadcasted the news to the entire world,,

I am sure you already know this news,,

I just want to consult with you,,

May I stop to become superman??

I get heavy depression because of this accident,,I don't have any confidence as superhero anymore

In addition,,as you know,,a lot of gangsters and robber bank already express their desire to rape me because of my handsome face and my perfect body

I am afraid they will hunt me down,,

it's true that already destroy all kryptonite on the earth,,thus normal earth villain will have no way to defeat me

However,,last week incident have proved it,,normal man still can defeat me if they think and act fast


Please Dr X,,I need your consideration,,may I stop to become superman?



royed young superman-



When something traumatic happens the mind will find any way to protect one's self. Unfortunately when we are confronted with a weakness either physically or mentally we have to evaluate how we respond. For us sometimes we have to stop doing something that put's us or others in danger. No one can tell you what to do, but if your safety is jeopardized then a break is needed to refocus and plan ahead. Maybe not a permanent retirement maybe a long vacation is needed 


Dr. X

February 28, 2015







Dr. X


I am a heroine that needs your help! For safety reasons I will not reveal my name nor my alter-ego, until such time as it is needed.


My problem is this.....I'm torn between 2 desires......the desire to do good and help out the city I live in and defend....but I also have a desire to be bound and placed in dire peril!!


Dr this normal? Should I retire......I am so confused!!!!


Please help,


a conflicted heroine





Dear conflicted heroine, 

When I did couples therapy I heard a lot of sexual turn on's. The first question I was always asked was 'is this normal?'. Now honestly I hate the term normal, it gives people a connotation that if they do not go by societies definition of 'normal' then they must have something wrong with them. But for sake of discussion let's discuss certain aspects of your turn on. 

Is what you feel 'normal'? Yes it is, at least normal for you and many others. For people generally we are in control with most if not all aspects of our lives, but in most people there is a desire to let go, not be in control for a while, to be surprised. When this happens certain hormones are released giving us a pleasurable feeling. There is usually a stopping point and generally we are able to stop it from going to far. We all have a dominating and submissive side to our personality. What you are experiencing is a typical human behavior. Should you quit? No as long as you are able to stop things before they inflict permanent bodily harm. Keep up the good fight confused. 

Doc X 







January 24, 2015



Hi Doctor X
I'm married to a wonderful wife who has done nothing but embrace the fetish I have of dressing up as Batman and even going as far as getting a Catwoman costume and indulging in my fantasy with me. However, I've also realised that I have feelings of bisexuality and I would really love to explore them one day. Unfortunately, my wife is not willing to let me have that experience. She knows I love her and nothing will change that but it's frustrating not being able to explore this side of myself.







Dear Bats, 

It is a wonderful feeling of having a partner that understands what we like and is accepting of it. For us that have particular fetishes it is scary to even mention it at times in fear of rejection, especially one involving superheroes and superheroines. 

Sometimes we have other sides that we do not let out, in your case a bisexual curiosity. While we might see it as natural you have to understand the emotions of your wife. Yes she is accepting in your fetish and apparently shares it, she is uncomfortable to 'share' you. While it is easy for a person to say 'nothing will happen' and 'she knows I will always love her' to her it creates an opportunity for something else to change, namely each others feelings towards one another. In the end she wants a monogamous relationship. Also she might be a little insecure in how far things will go with your fetish. 

Over time, she might welcome the experience of your bisexual curiosity but in order for you to have a healthy relationship with her, you will need to understand that that opportunity might never come. Good luck.

Doc X 






January 24, 2015


Hi Dr X.
I have a small problem that is causing me a lot of embarrassment.
As an enthusiastic sidekick, i spend most evenings persuing criminals with my mentor & keeping our society safe from the villains evil schemes. I am very happy with my role & enjoy my work.
My problem is with my crimefighting costume that im required to wear. Dont get me wrong, i love the tight, clinging bright materials but its the tights that are causing me problems.
For as long as i can remember i have had a strong nylon fetish & nothing gets me more excited than wearing ladies tights & pantyhose. This is causing me uncontrolable, embarrassing bulges while im on duty. Having not been blessed in the hero department, this has been great amusement for the villains im confronting. I feel im losing respect among the cities underworld.
Can you help Dr X?
Thank you.




Dear Wonderbrat,

Ah the issues of having a fabric fetish which is one basis for many superhero fetish scenarios. Unfortunately you are somewhat stuck in this regard, in order to stop being aroused by your tights would need ongoing psychological therapy that would most likely fail anyways. Sometimes hypnosis has been used in certain aspects to change a habit but that doesn't always work. I would recommend using a garment to hide your excitement, anything from a dancebelt to a cup, if you don't want to change your fetish that is. Also look at it as a distraction from the villains, while they look at you, you can at least surprise them and kick ass. Hope this helps, Wonderbrat.

Doc X


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